Random Strangeness

I don’t quite know what to make of this, but a Google search shows already 2,680 results for “VPILF”.  A Google blog search shows 246 results in the last 24 hours.

Color me unimpressed with the millions of cracks in the glass ceiling.


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  1. …the pick has started to look a lot worse, hasn’t it?

    Not because Palin might not be the rising star of conservatism I thought she was, but because the way she was elevated is making McCain look like an even bigger jackass than usual.

    • pico on August 30, 2008 at 12:12

    I’ve been fighting an entirely unsuccessful battle against the majority at dkos on the issue of McCain’s sex life, and whether the fact that he cheated on his first wife makes him “unqualified” to be Commander in Chief.

    Basically, the contention is that McCain’s cheating ways show that he’s a man of no character, that he’s dishonest, etc. – not that anyone knows the specifics of his relationship with his wife, but they’re content to judge it on a few superficial facts.  It’s like dkos is suddenly a hotbed of judgmental social conservativism.

    My own contention is that we can take him to task on those issues that directly pertain to marriage and family – like his opposition to same-sex marriage on moral grounds, and I’d have no problem with attacking his hypocrisy on this – but that it has nothing to do with whether he’s fit to be president, or whether he can govern a country, etc.  You’d think a bunch of liberals would know better.  (*cough cough, FDR, JFK, etc.)

    Scratch a liberal, find a conservative.  It’s been one of the most fundamentally disappointing realizations since I started blogging.

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