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Quickdraw McCain: Willing to FORCE Americans to Kill … and Die

John McCain wants to stay in Iraq. John McCain wants to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. The unstable and temperamental John McCain wants to “Bomb, bomb. bomb” Iran. The Russians are furiously signalling that if Iran is attacked they will react.  John McCain showed the world during the recent crisis in Georgia that he wants to take a hard, aggressive line with Russia, even at the risk of restarting the Cold War.  John McCain wants war. His rhetoric and stated policies reek of it.

And Quickdraw McCain is willing to FORCE your son or daughter….. or YOU ….to fight and kill in his wars. John McCain can’t come right out and say it…..as with so many things that the hot headed McCain can’t come out and say to a nation tired of and bankrupted from war….but if John McCain wants to pursue his aggressive, war centered foreign policy “to the gates of hell,” John McCain NEEDS a draft.

Let’s not pussyfoot around here, a draft means one thing and one thing only: Forcing America’s youth to kill. FORCING Americans to die or be wounded, for his policy of using force, force, and more force. The same policies that have failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The purpose of a draft is to select unwilling young men (and presumably women) take them away from their lives and families and make them into soldiers…..by force of law. Young men and women who have chosen NOT to volunteer to fight will be MADE to join the military and be trained to kill…and die…for the sake of the “Global War On Terror. ” A war that cannot be won, a perpetual war. A war that does NOT rise to the level of an existential threat to America, which should be the ONLY reason forced conscription is ever instituted.