Quickdraw McCain: Willing to FORCE Americans to Kill … and Die

John McCain wants to stay in Iraq. John McCain wants to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. The unstable and temperamental John McCain wants to “Bomb, bomb. bomb” Iran. The Russians are furiously signalling that if Iran is attacked they will react.  John McCain showed the world during the recent crisis in Georgia that he wants to take a hard, aggressive line with Russia, even at the risk of restarting the Cold War.  John McCain wants war. His rhetoric and stated policies reek of it.

And Quickdraw McCain is willing to FORCE your son or daughter….. or YOU ….to fight and kill in his wars. John McCain can’t come right out and say it…..as with so many things that the hot headed McCain can’t come out and say to a nation tired of and bankrupted from war….but if John McCain wants to pursue his aggressive, war centered foreign policy “to the gates of hell,” John McCain NEEDS a draft.

Let’s not pussyfoot around here, a draft means one thing and one thing only: Forcing America’s youth to kill. FORCING Americans to die or be wounded, for his policy of using force, force, and more force. The same policies that have failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The purpose of a draft is to select unwilling young men (and presumably women) take them away from their lives and families and make them into soldiers…..by force of law. Young men and women who have chosen NOT to volunteer to fight will be MADE to join the military and be trained to kill…and die…for the sake of the “Global War On Terror. ” A war that cannot be won, a perpetual war. A war that does NOT rise to the level of an existential threat to America, which should be the ONLY reason forced conscription is ever instituted.

Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets.org:

“At least Senator McCain is being honest.  A vote for him is a vote for the draft.  Period.  Unless Senator McCain radically changes his worldview, there would be a draft to implement his plans.”

Soltz added, “When you take into account his indefinite military commitment to Iraq, his desire to send more troops to Afghanistan, record lows in recruiting and retention, and possibly more wars he is looking to get into, like “Bomb Bomb Bomb” Iran, his numbers don’t add up without a draft.  Whether America likes it or not isn’t relevant – a draft is the only way to do everything Senator McCain wants to do.  I give him points for being honest and upfront, though, that we’re going to need a draft if he is elected.”

This isn’t the first time that Senator McCain has hinted at a reinstitution of the draft if he is elected.  Asked on September 29, 2007 in New Hampshire about the draft, McCain said he would “consider it.”

John McCain “agrees to some extent” with Newt Gingrich that we are already in World War Three

John McCain has stated that he would institute a draft if we are in World War Three.

Of course, with all of McCain’s flip flopping and lies,and evasions, and all of his “corrections” of his statements and policies, it is nearly impossible to know what he will do! But he “can’t disagree’ with a draft. And this is during a campaign, when candidates are guarded about their true positions to get elected! What will Quickdraw Mccain do if he is elected and given the power to carry out his dangerous vision on the world stage? More and more war, more and more troops sacrificed on the altar of  John Mccains constituency in the Military Industrial Complex and the Oil Companies. More dead American soldiers. And if John McCain has his way, those soldiers will not be volunteers, they will be drafted and forced to carry out his policy of belligerent warmongering.

John McCain has pledged to continue the reckless, aggressive foreign policy of George Bush.

A foreign policy that has… so far … killed over 4200 American soldiers and uncounted Iraqis and Afghans, soldiers and civilians alike.

A foreign policy that will ultimately cost the American Taxpayer trillions of dollars. Trillions of dollars that we are borrowing from foreign interests….to pay for war and death. A foreign policy that has devalued the dollar and bankrupted America.

And now John McCain wants to draft you or your children for his dreams of perpetual war.

John McCain wants to spend Americas treasure, her youth and her money, not on America, but on a reckless, aggressive, and failed foreign policy of war.

America cannot afford John McCain as President.


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    • Edger on August 21, 2008 at 21:30

    has gone completely insane thanks to the media’s mass disinformation and outright lying campaigns and Obama’s pussyfooting around trying to please everyone and offend no one, and with McCain seemingly having a better and better chance of winning the election this fall maybe a draft will finally be the one thing that will finally anger enough people to spark massive blowback and a popular take it to the streets movement for some real changes?

    • Robyn on August 21, 2008 at 21:53

    Quickdraw was a good guy. 🙂

    • RUKind on August 22, 2008 at 10:08

    Institute a mandatory draft for all parties in said war(s).

    int iMinimumDraftAge = 70;

    human hCannonFodder = 0;

    hCannonFodder = DraftRequirements (hPopulation); /* ~OO~ */

    Do while ((!Peace) or (hCannonFodder >= 0))


      Draft (hCannonfodder, iMinimumDraftAge);


      /* [NEEDSWORK} */


      If (!hCannonFodder)


         iMinimumDraftAge = iMinimumDraftAge – 5;




    h DraftRequirements (hPopulation)

    /* NEEDSWORK – stop at 70% percentile */

    double TopPercentile = 0.90;

      Do while (($Assets or $Income) >= dTopPercentile)


         If (hCannonFodder = Draft (hPopulstion))


            dTopPercentile = dToppercentile – 0.05;


    /* in this version of reality there will be NO wars forever */

    /* GuaranFuckingTeed */


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