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Glacier Park Photo Essay II: Water

Part I:  Animals

St. Mary Lake

Mountains are the “water towers of the world”. More than half of the world’s fresh water comes from mountain runoff and a large percentage of that runoff is glacial meltwater. The mountain headwaters of Glacier National Park (GNP) drain into the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and Hudson Bay watersheds so it is an important source of water for the North American continent.    

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Glacier Park Photo Essay: Animals

Glacier National Park “The Crown of the Continent” was established in 1910 with the help and influence of George Bird Grinnell.  Many features in the park are named after him.  Located in northwest Montana it adjoins Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.  The eastern side of the park borders the Blackfeet Nation.  The Blackfeet named the region “Backbone of the World”.  They sold the land to the US govt. in 1896 for mining purposes but they retained the rights to gather plant foods and medicines and to fish & hunt the animals.  Fortunately, no gold or silver were found so the ecosystem remained fairly pristine over time.  It is still considered to be sacred Indian land.

Mountain Goats on Hidden Lake Trail    

Photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot S80 (point & shoot) and have been edited and Photoshopped to adjust the light, sharpness, and color quality.  Click the images for a larger version.  In the interest of preserving the large format images I didn’t optimize the file sizes.  Apologies to our dialup users for that.


This will be a two-part series. Part I is Animals.  Part II will be Water.