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Iraq Vet in Pennsylvania Murders……

Was Radically Changed by War and PTSD

PTSD sufferers can’t always leave the war behind.

Sergeant Nicholas Horner and his Wife

Tragedy and war-inspired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can meet like a head on crash when the nation’s care providers at the Veterans Administration, notorious for lies and deceit, deny our combat veterans the care they need.

This story of deadly, senseless shootings in Altoona, Pennsylvania April 6th is possibly the most tragic story I have ever reported, and if it isn’t, it is among the very worst.

“PTSD Spells MIA” by Wes and Victoria

Raising Awareness Through Music

A new song just released by American folk artists Wes and Victoria hopes to raise awareness of and increase action around the issue of combat PTSD in our returning veterans. As Victoria gently plays her harmonica, Wes strums a guitar and sings:

Ilona has this posted up at her site, the top link takes you there, with backlinks to their site with a host of information and ability to download the song and video’s.