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It’s YOUR DARN FAULT, but I’ma gonna fix it

It’s your fault you sick bastard.

You got sick.

You weren’t strong enough.

At the very least, you might get sick.  

You sure as hell aren’t a Senator, and you don’t have a good enough job.  

You don’t own any banks at all, you worthless scum.  

Not even a little local bank.  

(My abject apologies if I’m wrong, and you do own a bank–I didn’t mean YOU at all–I meant all the rest of YOU–sorry, sorry… I’ll buy you a drink)

So, anyway, because of your abject failures to properly provide for yourself, we’ve had to put our lofty heads together and come up with a really, really neat solution:


(nice title right…or should it be ‘it’s what’s for dinner…. ? Na…)

(fine print: If you don’t pay the insurance company, you go to jail.)

Got that?

Simple, right?

Even all you idiots here that didn’t get in to Morris College, Yale, oughta be able to figure this one out.

Let me say it again: if you don’t pay AIG.

Every Month.  

On time.

Former (Thank the Gods) Constitutional Lawyer votes to gut 4th Amendment.

Here’s a link for the FISA vote: http://www.senate.gov/legislat…