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Chaos has arrived

Hey all,

 I am officially turned off to that “other site”, looks orange and big. So I am hanging out here. I promise to bring environmental goodness, a few conspiracy theories, random essays and general snarkiness to the site.

 I am not bashing but I want to state that the level of “see it our way or leave” at the big orange has reached junior high click status. I will still skim to see if anything new is going on over there, maybe after the elections it will return to a place of knowledge and sanity.

Budhy invited me here a long time ago and I visited a few times but did not want to get caught up in a blog addiction of reading tons of different blogs so stuck with the big guy. Now however, with what has happened to the big orange I am looking for a refuge of sanity and civility. So here I am.

My kitties wish to say hi to your ponies….

Dag… bon jour… hello

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