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What Liberal Media?

If you thought that MSNBC was a liberal media outlet, you need to watch it more carefully. Just watch Joe Scarborough in the morning or Chuck Todd in the afternoon. The higher up at the news division has cut a deal with Bloomberg Media to rerun a program that most people have never watched hosted …

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Now Doggone It, Let Me Explain!

The liberal media is just goin’ positively goofy today about the $150,000 worth of clothes the Republican National Committee bought for me.  Well, gosh, what were they supposed to do?  Those nice men at the RNC didn’t want me goin’ around naked!  And I would look pretty stupid if Tina Fey looked better than me every week.  I’m not about to be caught lookin’ stupid, that’s for gosh-darn sure.  Besides, the Democrat Party does this kinda’ stuff all the time.  Why, I heard that Barack Obama spent $542,000 to have his ears pulled away from his head for that “liberal Harvard elite” look.

But let me address this directly without the filter of the liberal media.  First, I don’t plan to keep those clothes.  I’m going to donate them to charity.  You see, like all good Christian people I like to spread the wealth arou . . . errr, ummm, I like to help those less fortunate than myself.  So I’ll be giving all those clothes to the Salvation Army, where poor folks can go in and get something nice to wear whenever they have to give a speech in front of 10,000 people.


What the Huck?

This will be really short.  The Boston Globe reports:

Mike Huckabee, whose quips and one-liners livened up the Republican nomination race, has a new gig: political commentator for Fox News Channel.

Huckabee will regularly contribute to the “America’s Election HQ” coverage, the network announced this afternoon.

“Governor Huckabee’s campaign experience and knowledge of politics makes him a great addition to our ongoing election coverage,” Bill Shine, Fox senior vice president of programming, said in a statement.

Huckabee’s humor and homespun turns of phrase won’t hurt either. One recent joke fell flat, however, when at the National Rifle Association conference last month, he quipped about Barack Obama ducking for cover when a loud bang sounded offstage while Huckabee was speaking.

Pardon me while I barf.