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Sex Industry Needs Serious Reforms

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Earlier this spring, the Miami New Times published two articles about a teenage runaway who posed as a then-nineteen-year-old stripper from Nevada for Internet porn giant Reality Kings.  According to news reports, last year the then-fifteen-year-old stole the identity of Tyler Chanel Evans, who had helped her out only to have her identification card – and her entire identity – stolen.  The runaway delinquent then proceeded to rack up a criminal record using Evans’ name, causing the victim to be arrested several times for crimes she did not commit.

WWL Radio#61 Its All About the Porn!!!

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When Massa fondled men in his office, they covered it up (did he make them say “Thank you, Massa!” ??) but yikes, let him dip his tip in their money? It is TABOO!

It seems the Securities and Exchange Commission was more interested in the exchange of bodily fluid assets, and maybe stocks and bondage, than investigating anything. What is it about the Porn? This story is hotter than Goldman Sachs’ private offices in Dante’s worst nightmare….. and as the Great Satan, will GS actually go down and swallow for its fraud?

Then there’s Global Porn, the headlines for Earth Day included Oil Rigs spreading filth and a new Garbage Island in the Caribbean! The CARIBBEAN, the center of all things Gardeny and Edenish defiled? Now that’s porn even Johnny Depp couldn’t make me look at!

The honorable student body at UC Berkeley stand up to investing in War Porn, by demanding their University divest from companies that profiteer off the occupation of Palestinian Lands!  That is one type of censorship I can get behind!

Richard Clarke wants to make our internet “safer” by allowing private industries to spy on every keystroke we make – maybe that would have stopped the SEC porn surfing?

Then the Worst case Porn of all: Noam Chomsky is afraid, very afraid; America is heading straight down the path of the Nazis. Jack-boot America: Snuff Porn!

It always comes back to the Porn…. Yum.

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What is it With Sex and those Connected to (R)’s

Who manage to get appointed to plume federal jobs, that we pay the salaries for, by the way.

I just caught this little gem a few minutes ago, will FOX and O’Really be reporting on this, seems right up the O’s alley.