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Thoughts On The Universe

A Diary was posted earlier on asking questions on subjects like “What is the Universe?”, etc. My response was a little lengthier than the typical “comment”, so I wanted to reframe the question below.

For awhile…


I have actually given this question a bit of thought, and come to reject conventional thinking about the problem, which is why all the so-called accepted answers just lead off into more unresolved questions, and/or reverting to Centuries-old myth-making.


Recall that Albert Einstein proved that Time itself was not linear, but in fact curved and flexible. This makes me think that we have to abandon conventional “linear” thinking about the Universe itself.

Recall also, that matter never disappears..but it is simply transformed into something else. For example, water evaporates and appears to be all gone, but really the matter itself still exists (just in a different form).

So therefore these questions about when did the Universe begin, how was it “created”, and such, are all moot, and not the correct approach to the analysis.  

The Universe always was and always will be….only the form is changing, and it is changing constantly, (expansion, contraction, etc.).

The matter will never either go away or be “created”, only the form will change.  

As for human beings, we are just one more mutation of matter, and an unpleasant one at that. I think human beings are destined to go the way of the Dinosaur — with all the Wars, the mass-violence, the mass-poverty, and all the Environmental damage borne of our own making.

As comedian George Carlin once said, Planet Earth does not need saving.  Planet Earth is going to be just fine.  It’s human beings that are f**cked.

There is no God.

There is no Universe.

There is no linear Time.

There is no Justice.

There is no Heaven.

There is no “Afterlife”.

There is however an unlimited supply of matter and mutation.

And there surely is Hell, for we see it all around us each and every day

of our tragic lives — and Hell always wins (just ask Dick Cheney, the dead Kennedys, or an oil-soaked pelican).

Now you know the truth, and can put down The Holy Babble, for it is written.

Sex: Part 2

If you think about it, there is not a broader category of human experience to talk/write about than sex. It deeply informs and influences every aspect of human activity and interaction, as I pointed out in Sex: Part 1. From politics to spirituality to health to science, there is just a amazing amount of subject matter. In this edition, I had intended to write about the patriarchy and its cowardly attempts at domination and oppression of women over the past few eons….might makes right and all of the social and political aspects of that, sad state of affairs. But I find myself moved instead to write about the deepest reality and aspect of sex. The pure human aspect of it. The comfort and warmth and joy of it, the giggling slap and tickle….the lonely, longing, deep despair of losing it, the flush of excitement and horniness, and fear….of finding it. There is nothing more universal, human, and natural


than sex.

Sex: Part 1

(Note: some links may go to images that human beings under 18 are ‘not allowed’ to see…but you will have to click on them to find out which ones!)


We were, literally, made to love each other. Your Preacher disapproved it, your Gubmint boo-hoos it, yeah yeah yeah. It is tittered at and whispered about, it is taboo’d, verbotten, and discouraged on the surface of our silly society….even as its waves and tides wash over each and everyone of us every minute of every day and affects everything we do see and think about with it’s primal pull from deep in our loins to the top of our brain chemistry.

Whether you believe in evolution or in a God created world….There is nothing more natural than sex…in fact sex IS nature. Nature has one goal, to regenerate life through…sex. Whatever the ‘life force’ is that animates EVERYTHING on this planet, it is expressed in its purest form as sexual energy. Unless of course, you don’t believe in science, and it is all caused by the will of some big guy with a beard sitting on a throne in the clouds causing and ruling all life through his power and will. And who decided in his infallible wisdom, that SEX was the way that all life should be produced. That’s right! God chose and invented sex!. And yet, Gods ‘chosen’ minions on earth have been repressing God’s choice…God’s will, for thousands of years. If sex is so bad, why did God choose it?

We think about it all the time, and our bodies are constantly producing, secreting and distributing sexual signals that are imperceptible to our ‘higher selves.’ Yet denial and hypocrisy is the way our society deals with anything even vaguely sexual. Unless of course, it is used to sell a product.