Sex: Part 1

(Note: some links may go to images that human beings under 18 are ‘not allowed’ to see…but you will have to click on them to find out which ones!)


We were, literally, made to love each other. Your Preacher disapproved it, your Gubmint boo-hoos it, yeah yeah yeah. It is tittered at and whispered about, it is taboo’d, verbotten, and discouraged on the surface of our silly society….even as its waves and tides wash over each and everyone of us every minute of every day and affects everything we do see and think about with it’s primal pull from deep in our loins to the top of our brain chemistry.

Whether you believe in evolution or in a God created world….There is nothing more natural than sex…in fact sex IS nature. Nature has one goal, to regenerate life through…sex. Whatever the ‘life force’ is that animates EVERYTHING on this planet, it is expressed in its purest form as sexual energy. Unless of course, you don’t believe in science, and it is all caused by the will of some big guy with a beard sitting on a throne in the clouds causing and ruling all life through his power and will. And who decided in his infallible wisdom, that SEX was the way that all life should be produced. That’s right! God chose and invented sex!. And yet, Gods ‘chosen’ minions on earth have been repressing God’s choice…God’s will, for thousands of years. If sex is so bad, why did God choose it?

We think about it all the time, and our bodies are constantly producing, secreting and distributing sexual signals that are imperceptible to our ‘higher selves.’ Yet denial and hypocrisy is the way our society deals with anything even vaguely sexual. Unless of course, it is used to sell a product.

Looked at objectively and not through the filters and programming we have been inculcated with by our upbriging in America’s sexually repressed culture, it is almost impossible to comprehend how we humans came to this turn, where the most basic human biological function (and the most ancient and basic pleasure, and the most basic, fundamental human right to enjoying that pleasure) in all the world has come to be controlled and dictated by a combination of Church and State. In their quest to prevent the ‘perversion’ of sex they have perverted something natural and beautiful into….something perverse. They have meddled with a basic force of nature…THE basic force of nature, and in the process have twisted and repressed it to the point where it has created a society and culture that is built totally on artificial foundations. Foundations that will naturally crumble as more and more human beings, and especially more women, who since the myth of Eve was created have been blamed, and thus oppressed, for all of mankind’s ills ….refuse to support them.

For it is only with our consent that these repressive doctrines and strictures can be imposed upon us. Unlike our (allegedly) main topic of conversation here, politics, we DO have control over this aspect of our lives. And it is my contention that our personal views on such things as sexual freedom, social freedom and social justice, as well as economic freedom from a corporate dominated world are exactly where the personal and political intersect. Freedom and dignity in ALL aspects are what we are working for here, imo. We are working against repression in all its forms. Since sexuality is the root of everything, sexual repression can be viewed as the root of all oppression.

This oppression reached its height in the 1950’s The societal revolution of the 60’s was in large part driven by a revolt against this sexual repression. One of my favorite examples of the societal repression and perversion of nature was the fact that Lucy and Ricky…and every other married couple on television before The Revolution had to be portrayed as having separate beds, even the thought of two married people having or god forbid enjoying sex was a dirty thought. When Lucy was pregnant…the network was not even allowed to actually use the word  pregnant! When I was a kid circa 1967, a cousin from Indiana was literally run out of Muncie and disowned…just for having premarital sex. When was the last time you even HEARD the term premarital sex?

When the birth control pill came along and freed women from the “punishment of pregnancy” (sex and politics intersecting) and the societal shunning and shaming that went with having sex ‘out of wedlock,’ the whole ballgame changed. Women now had control over their sex lives in a very important way, taking control away from the patriarchies of church and state, womens bodies became the front lines in the Culture Wars. The Culture Wars are, whe it comes right down to it, between the folks who want to repress themselves ad other folks, ad those who want true freedom for all.

America’s attitude and restrictions on free sexual expression are referred to by most of the rest of the world as puritanical….and that is precisely correct. It was the


Originally used to describe a third-century sect of strictly legalistic heretics, the word “Puritan” is now applied unevenly to a number of Protestant churches from the late 16th century to the present. Puritans did not originally use the term for themselves. It was a term of abuse that first surfaced in the 1560s. “Precisemen” and “Precisions” were other early antagonistic terms for Puritans who preferred to call themselves “the godly.” The word “Puritan” thus always referred to a type of religious belief, rather than a particular religious sect.


…who “founded this country” ….whose descendants still make up most of our ruling class…whose influence, The Puritan Ethic, has informed every aspect of our culture…including “The Godly” imposing their repressive sexual ethic on the rest of us. With disastrous effects.

More on that in the next installment, Sex: Part 2.

For now I leave you with a few more links (Note, I do not agree with EVERYTHING in these links) that spell out some of the effects of this enforced repression of nature. Including, in my opinion…and Freud’s, lol, our society’s propensities for war…and torture.

In God’s Name: The Father Figure, Authority & Sexual Repression

Junk mail and religious propaganda: What happened to freedom from religion?


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  2. were pretty non-lurid and tasteful.

    And I love that painting of a couple embracing.

    There are also generational re-births of sexual puritanism. Where I live, I was pretty shocked to find out many of the young women I worked with actually waited until marriage to experiment with full out sexual intercourse. They were pretty shocked that I thought it was silly.

    I think part of the reason people in the deep south get married so young even today is so they can have guilt free sex. The negative aspect to that is a higher divorce rate because so many young people find out they aren’t compatible.

    I am pretty much “marriage neutral” anyway.

    I might be biased being a girl and all but sexual repression seems aimed mainly at women. And we still have a segment of society here in North America that subscribes to that  Madonna/Whore dichotomy. Most of us are a playful mixture of both and might indulge that playfulness more fully if the stereotypes associated with weren’t so crushing.

    Alright…. somebody tell me to STFU.

    Great job, boss.

  3. it all. You know I get myself in trouble when I don’t check out all the links. LOL

    Whatever the ‘life force’ is that animates EVERYTHING on this planet, it is expressed in its purest form as sexual energy.

    Powerful stuff there!!!

  4. as well as ‘Upstanding’!?!  😉

    • Edger on April 28, 2008 at 01:33

    Even your mother probably enjoyed herself.

    It’s fun watching their heads explode 😉

    • kj on April 28, 2008 at 01:37

    ummmm, i guess this is going to be more difficult to talk about than i realized!  eek!

    most of my adult life, i didn’t enjoy turning heads. i was embarrassed to be stared at, flirted with, etc. i credit those lovely 12 years of schooling by nuns and priests for all that toe-shuffling.  😉  somewhere around my mid-thirties, when i had a roaring mid-life crisis (“Do not tell me who i am, what i think or how i feel!”  i roared at the people who took my order at Micky’Ds) i discovered my boobs were mine, damnit! and i quit shrugging my shoulders. i ‘owned’ my body for the first time… publically. to my husband’s enjoyment, i started wearing clothes that showed i had a figure, instead of clothes that hid my figure.

    i was with my husband the first time a lovely, young, lithe blond woman was chatting with him… gazed up at him adoringly and then said, “You remind me of my…. Dad.”  The look on his face was priceless.  Just like mine was the first time a checkout clerk asked me if i was a grandma. But the truth is, he’s still “got it” and i still “gots it” and i ain’t giving it up til i die.  😉

  5. present your diplomatic credentials louder.

    Or . . . learn to sing like Bono . . .

  6. so youre ripping the lid off of my secret arsenal, huh?  dammmit!!  😉

    im looking forward to ‘puritanism and patriarchy’….GO LILLITH!!!…’cause by now i think we all know how i feel about patriarchy… 😉

    • RiaD on April 28, 2008 at 01:52

    tastefully done….

    • 3card on April 28, 2008 at 02:13

    …for taking on the big themes that drive human history, and there are none bigger than sex.  I’m still exploring the links, but a special thanks for the “ancient” link.

    I’ve always been a fan of pantheons of pagan gods that would both metaphorically and literally fuck with people just for fun.  Of course the Greeks are the all time champs on that score, but the Norse gods were no pikers either.

    Sometimes I think we’d all be better off today if these old pagan religions had lasted. 🙂

  7. interesting topic……

    as my friend, lover, and partner says……

    sex is where it is at……

    it is the beginning of the alchemy of jing, chi, shen……

    and cultivated it is life itself…..

    our healing, and light…….

  8. another thing, like baseball, where the outcome is far less important than interaction. it’s getting to that big bang. it’s the wanting, the sweating, the kissing, and the fucking. it’s loving somebody so much that you can be totally vulnerable, totally trusting…   it’s the falling off the bed…

    it’s physical and intimate. and funny. and liberating. and when you’re with the right person, it creates incredibly strong bonds

    in a word? it’s raw. and completing…  

  9. reproduce asexually.  Just sayin’.

  10. walking on the beach, thinking about Sex part 1…

    so it strikes me how the waves pitch and strain and slam the shore, then curl up and pull back in endless orgasmic contractions. further, it is the overt decadence of sea form, ejaculated gobs of it in every falling wave…  and the roaring noise of it all, always coming…

    heh. the wave crashing into my shore line is sitting below sea level about 3,500 miles from here…  

  11. sea foam…  

  12. Call me when you’re coming to town

    Just as soon as your plane puts down

    Call me on the telephone

    But only if you’re travelling alone.

    Counting down the hours

    Through the sunshine and the showers

    Today’s the day

    You’re finally going to come my way.

    Let’s make a date to see a movie

    Some foreign film from gay Paris

    I know you like to think you’ve got taste

    So I’ll let you choose the time and place.

    Have some dinner for two

    In some eastside rendezvous

    Then we’ll walk

    Arm in arm around the block and talk.


    You’re mine

    Let’s not waste time.

    I do believe the die is cast

    Let’s try and make the night-time last.

    And I don’t know where it’s coming from

    But I want to kiss you till my mouth gets numb

    I want to make love to you

    Till the day comes breaking through

    And when the sun is high in the sky

    We’ll kiss and say goodbye.

  13. not war!

  14. bit:

    a cousin from Indiana was literally run out of Muncie and disowned…just for having premarital sex

    I grew up very near there and there was much sex going around in Muncie and all the little towns around there.  In fact Muncie is on Interstate I-69 and has the fine Ball State University, we used to have great tee-shirts and sweat shirts with the Road symbol and Ball U tee shirts on them.  In 69 I went to a big party with my cousin who was a sophmore at Ball State and was introduced to the joys of College Girls.  I think I was like a little mascot.

    We used to say that Christ couldn’t have been born in Gas City (now there is a name) because they couldn’t find 3 wise men and a virgin there.  It was a very fun time to be in the midwest with those wonderful girls who were kicking aside the strictures of generations.  I think it was the combination of the Pill which made things more equal on the consequence scale (side-effects were unknown then at least generally), and the great antipathy that so many of our generation felt about the war, the civil rights movement, the women’s movement and the draft.  

    I loved those brave Midwestern girls and their big hearts

    • kj on April 29, 2008 at 04:16

    broke the blog for a couple of hours, what’s Part 2 going to do?  send the tubes into a spin? 😉

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