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The face and voice of evil.

Thanks to Linda Milazzo at Smirking Chimp for posting these.

That is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, effectively admitting on Larry King’s program that she is chummy with a mass murderer and dictator.  That is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, dissing the mother of a soldier killed in her friend’s war of choice, because she has “a day job.”

And what job is that, exactly?  Aiding and abetting tyrants — war criminals — as they continue to torture, wage illegal war, spy on us, and collapse our economy.  And that’s not even half of the list of crimes committed by the shrub-gargoyle regime.


Shirley Golub is a Democrat challenging Pelosi for the California-8th District primary in June.  She has the guts to say what no other member of the Democratic Party will: that the Speaker of the House is a craven coward.  I think Pelosi is beyond cowardice; she is complicit — an embodiment of evil, the very kind now doing so much damage to our country and our world.


Cindy Sheehan was the face of the anti-war movement in America as it helped propel the Democratic Party back into political power for the first time in over a decade.  And when she reaized that the Democrats had simply used us to obtain power, that they had no intention of changing the status quo, she was compelled to act in the only way she could: campaign to unseat Pelosi.

I am urging each and every member of this web site to donate to these two Ladies, to make every effort to help them defeat Pelosi and send her sniveling back to the dog house she shares with Barney the Scottish Terrier.  No one who professes friendship with the dictator who has wrought so much pain and suffering should be allowed to hold power.  No one who so callously and arrogantly dismisses the mother of a slain soldier should be allowed to walk the halls of Congress.  No one who so criminally undermines the duties placed upon her by the Constitution of the United States should be allowed to show her face in D.C.

Ms. Golub and Ms. Sheehan are the best chance we have of removing the biggest obstacle to impeachment, and the most prominent enabler of the occupation and the regime that is dismantling our democracy.  Let’s help them topple Pelosi.

Help Shirley Golub unseat Nancy Pelosi!

Shirley Golub is running against Nancy Pelosi in the California-8th June primary.  She has produced a radio ad calling the Speaker of the House of Representatives what she is: a coward.

Let’s help her get this ad on the air.  Go to the following web site:


And donate what you can.  Pelosi has been a disaster as Speaker.  She has been among the biggest obstacles to impeachment, has allowed funding for the occupation of Iraq to continue unfettered, and failed to enforce Congressional subpoena power.  The coward needs to go, lest her cowardice and complicity in the crimes of the Bush regime further drag down the Democratic Party.

And while we’re at it, let’s help Cindy Sheehan as she seeks to unseat Pelosi.


The only way we can get Democrats (and every other representative) in Congress to listen, to do as they’re told, is to put the fear of something greater than the shrub and his gargoyle into them: electoral defeat.  This is a proven tactic; Iowa’s Leonard Boswell, one of the most shameless Bush dogs in the House, signed onto Robert Wexler’s impeachment efforts after fellow bootlicker Al Wynn lost his primary race in Maryland to challenger Donna Edwards.

So let’s give Shirley Golub a hand up, and send a message to Nancy Pelosi that cowardice and complicity shall be punished at the ballot box.