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Continuing the Veterans Day Messages……

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, 11.11.09, I caught a couple of important discussions in the continuing known by us veterans are the results of wars and occupations of choice, or any war and occupation, as to the veterans and military personal once they’ve been sent to serve in and then return home, most being discharged from their service obligation after serving the time they signed up for, all at that point or later becoming the veterans of their service.

This first one is just a news report I happened upon but hits on the issue many of us are long time advocates of and adds to the rest posted below it.

photos from Iraq

I got a notice a couple of days ago about the shortlist for a photography competition. One of the photographers shortlisted has taken some pretty gripping photos of soldiers in the Middle East.

Given the recent Petraeus hearings I thought these were very topical, and deserved wider viewing.

The photographer is Peter van Agtmael. Click here to see his work.

His work can also be found at the  Photolucida web-based photo competition called Critical Mass.

Note I want you to visit his site and so have not copied any images etc.

This was posted earlier at DailyKos and I was encouraged to also post it here by TexasDem.

Hope you find these image illuminating….