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Hello everyone!

Well, I’ve been wanting to participate here for a while.  Had a friend nudge me just enough to start it off proper.

Sometimes I do this.  Just write up some initial chatter to break the ice.  Some places don’t seem to evoke that.  This one does.  I generally enjoy the commentary here, and I think I know a fair number of you too, which is always a plus.

Right now, it’s a slow Saturday morning.  Ever think about the very high value of Saturday?  To me, it’s a very special day, because one can basically do whatever they want on that day, assuming a ordinary work week that is.  Want to get completely hammered?  This is the day, because you’ve got one to recover and somehow manage to show up at work, ideally capable, but maybe just there.

So that’s one good thing about this day.

Another is it being the first real day off.  I don’t know about you guys, but work comes at a huge premium right now.  I note that corporate profit, in general, is very high.  Well, no fucking wonder!  We’ve got people running ragged, generally worried over the clear and present threat of so many not actually working.  I’m sure the powers that be love that.

Often when I’m writing, my cat Zozo tends to camp out on my lap, occasionally making noises, or rubbing, shifting, putting that paw out, looking for a pet and some nice words.  Wonder what she thinks of me looking at a screen, moving all those fingers around?  She’s probably thinking there are much better things to do, like play with the laser dot (and, if you’ve not done that with your pet, do!  It’s a blast, just use moderation.), or maybe go explore the yard together, maybe playing in the tree.

Since I’m rambling, I love animals.  The more aware animals are just like little people!  They have the same issues, the same needs, and often are a whole lot smarter than we give them credit for.  One big thing is getting over the differences.  I find learning about the animals, learning enough to have a conversation, or read an emotion is often no different than doing the same for people.  With animals, they have no layers of abstraction that get in the way of others knowing who they are.  They just are –unabashedly, I might add, feeling no shame, and very little inhibition, once the trust is there.  

There is something in that for all of us –and it’s something good.  There should be a whole lot less shame and inhibition in the world, and the animals show us how that can be, and why it matters.

Growing up, I generally hated politics.  Really, to me, it all seemed complex and very unproductive.  Since then, having matured, working in various places, the importance of politics has continued to dawn on me.  A whole lot of our current trouble boils down to a very large percentage of us simply not doing our civics.

Sometimes I wonder about that, then I consider that Saturday again.  It’s awfully hard to invest in civics when there are so damn many escalating demands.  This is by contrived design, BTW.  Make no mistake about it.  

Somehow, we have to get more people to do that more of the time, or…  get them to allow others to do it by proxy.  The religious right and corporate right are both very good at this, and that’s largely, IMHO, due to their lack of consideration for others.  Exploitation comes naturally, and with that comes the tools for exploitation, and that’s the story we know today.

Is it possible to get real trust in this way and not be corrupt?  I don’t know, but I’m curious about it.  The idea that there are enough people to decide an election for the better, sitting on the sidelines is a compelling one, in that it is the only real check we have right now on corporate abuses, and corruption, but how to engage them?

One way is stories.  When we know people, it’s harder to do the wrong things, and it’s harder to ignore things, and the value of interaction goes up big.  Maybe it’s all as simple as investing the time to tell stores, engage people, and get them to vote at a minimum, seeing that minor effort pay off with better policy.

There you go!  My first ramble essay here, ideally more to come.  You will see me in the comments on and off, for sure.  Probably not on this one though.  My Saturday just got a bit busier, as Mrs Potatohead just entered the room wanting to do stuff!  No matter how ugly the world gets, I know I’ve got at least one person, who will enter the room, and want to do stuff, because I matter.  That’s worth a lot more than the dollars and the power, any day of the week.

Cheers all!

An Introduction and a Question

Oh, how to begin this…

I’ve spent a lot of time on DailyKos. Often times, when I find a diary that seems outside of the mainstream progressive movement or contentious, but something I really agree with, there’s a “Crossposted at Docudharma” link in it. That’s what steered me to this site a few months ago. I’ve been reading the site occasionally, then frequently ever since.

Hello, It is Good to See You

This meshes well with the Friday Night at 8 theme.

You many not know me, but I assuredly know many of you. In fact, I have been looking for you.

I was fortunate enough to cut my blogging teeth at a fantastic site called DailyKos. I could not have been any luckier than the day a business associate pointed my zombie self at that site. At the time, I was convinced I had gone mad because certainly the whole country couldn’t be crazy, could it? The news gave no indication that my reasoning was valid, and even the persistent warble and frequent shrieks of my bullshit detector was not registering on the MSM’s radar at all. More than just a social outlet, blogging became the real news for me.

Since I recognize many of the names here, I don’t have to tell you how great you all are; diligent, progressive thinkers bla bla bla, sharing common goals for the good of all man bla bla bla, not encumbered by dogmas or exclusive beliefs bla bla bla, who dispense wisdom in beautiful, susinct little bundles. Bla bla bla.

I would like to share with you a short tale of a brief relationship I once had. It is probably not the most politically correct story, but I’m worn down to a nub so I am just going to tell.

I am a male who is quite enamored with the opposite sex, and this can easily be exploited in much the same way as wrapping a hook with a tasty worm can exploit a fish’s… hunger for food. On one occasion, I fell head over heals with what at first I thought was a woman. She had all the qualities a naive young man might first look for in a woman – a pretty face, and an ample bosom.

Later, when it was revealed that she was not a woman at all, but some form of blood sucking life capable of mimicking human speech did I realize that I should stand on my wobbly legs, try not to pass out, and run for my life. I have talked with women who shared similar tales of encountering man-like creatures. A common thread in all the victims seems to be a willingness to suspend reason and an unwillingness to look directly at the glamor for fear that it is not real. Only when we accept the glamor for what it is can we move on to a happier place for ourselves. Sure nice tits and a pretty face are good, but hearts and brains are sexy too. I have done fairly (ouch!) very well since developing my heart and brain fetish.

It’s not always a case of being victimized; sometimes people simply change. Assigning blame does nothing. Keeping the other person in a hole until it puts the lotion on doesn’t help either. The bottom line is… we all want to be happy, right?

So is a blog a person? Sure many contribute, but it certainly has its own personality too. Off the top of my head, I would say the personality of a blog is about 50% that of the founder, and 50% that of the contributors. That sure sounds like an equal partnership, and either partner is capable of creating a sea change in the overall environment. If the environment becomes toxic to us, we must adapt, move, or die.

I’m not going to leave a GBCW at DailyKos because there are still people writing on that site whom I greatly admire and will continue to check in on. It is still a great font of information and a place I might still ask questions of. However, I posted two bitter diaries there in the last week or so before it hit me that I’m now arguing with a lover over petty shit and that we just cannot see eye-to-eye anymore. I would rather we remain friends than hurt one another.

I got lucky again last night when I noticed Buhdy’s kind tip-of-the-hat to Meteor Blades, mcjoan, and KagroX. I can’t believe it took me so long to take a look here – especially given my brains-and-heart fetish. It’s not like he tried to woo me by showing some leg, it was the comfortable name, comfortable brain, and great heart he showed to three great people.

I had lost the love and I guess I have been looking to be smitten once again.

Smoters, is what you all are; smoters.