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Haiti: Don’t Forget

It’s been a week. One week. The Haitian earthquake that likely killed 100,000+ people last week is fading from public consciousness. After a week. American Idol has started back up, after all. One must redirect attention to the important things.

What’s worse is that little is remaining in the minds of most Americans other than “the great USA is sending aid.” Well… if you’re a thinking cog in The Machine. If you’re a nonthinking cog you may have opinions more along these paraphrases of Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson: “Haitian aid was a racist political ploy of Obama” or “Haitians got what they deserved because they made a deal with the Devil.” On a side note, I thought deals with the devil resulted in good things on this Earth in exchange for perpetual torture after death. Then again, any attempt to try to make sense of modern religion is an exercise in the absurd. But this is not an essay on religion.

This is an essay on Haiti – and on the United States’ relationship with Haiti.

Bernake named ‘Person of the Year’

Well, Time Magazine has named Ben Bernake the person of the year:

The story of the year was a weak economy that could have been much, much weaker. Thank the man who runs the Federal Reserve, our mild-mannered economic overlord…

An Introduction and a Question

Oh, how to begin this…

I’ve spent a lot of time on DailyKos. Often times, when I find a diary that seems outside of the mainstream progressive movement or contentious, but something I really agree with, there’s a “Crossposted at Docudharma” link in it. That’s what steered me to this site a few months ago. I’ve been reading the site occasionally, then frequently ever since.