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Republicanism At Its Finest: Willfully Imposed Ignorance

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida teens who believe drinking a cap of bleach will prevent HIV and a shot of Mountain Dew will stop pregnancy have prompted lawmakers to push for an overhaul of sex education in the state.

Another myth is that Florida teens also believe that smoking marijuana will prevent a person from getting pregnant, Local 6 reported.

State lawmakers said the myths are spreading because of Florida’s abstinence-only sex education, Local 6 reported.

They are proposing a bill that would require a more comprehensive approach, the report said.

It would still require teaching abstinence but students would also learn about condoms and other methods of birth control and disease prevention.

Republicanism is authoritarianism. Authoritarianism is control. Control is dictating to other Human Beings not only what they can and cannot do…but what they can and cannot know as well. The willful and purposeful imposition of ignorance, superstition, and fear.  

Where Is The Line?

Is there a line anymore? Who determines the line? Is the fact that the folks who claim to determine the line, like Faux News, are the ones who usually cross it relevant?

To wit: Is John McCain senile?

This is at least the fourth time that McCain has asserted a direct Iran/al Qaeda connection.

Is he too senile to be President? Or is he just incredibly stupid? EVERYONE who knows anything about Iraq knows that Iran would not train and equip Sunni insurgents/Al Qaeda. But especially if you buy into the alleged existential threat that the Republicans peddle that includes Iran trying to take over Iraq, they would be training the very folks who would be insurgents against them! After five years of this crap, the Republican fear mongering lies have woven such a ridiculous net of lies, that they can’t even keep them straight in their own heads.

Especially the senile ones, like John McCain.

He calls it a slip, but says he is the best qualified….after ‘slipping’ four times.

Asleep ‘at the switch’ of the Straight Talk Express. Best qualified indeed.


Generational War, Blogging the Future From The Battle Lines

Warning: Sleep deprived rambling rant below, proceed at your own risk!

My friend pinche, in his essay below this one, threatens Generational War. Okay he doesn’t threaten, he observes, or projects, or is thinking wishfully. But we have all seen the Boomer Bashing on the Blogs, and it can be upsetting … to Boomers! It naturally brings out the old reptilian brains fight or flight reflex when stumbled upon. Self-identification is part of being human and having any of your self-identifications threatened brings at least an initial emotional response.

That being said….bring it on, punks!


As a part of the tail end of the last generational war, I have been waiting for the next one for years. because at the end of the day…it is a natural cycle, and a very necessary one. It is one of the best things about Obama’s candidacy, imo.

Docudharma Six Month Anniversary!

Yes you read that right! Amazingly today is exactly six months since we published the essay that officially opened DD as a blogging entity, broadcasting 50,000 Pixels of Power across the known Blogoverse!


Six months of just outstanding essays and Pony Parties, six months of building a community, six months of that community coming together and growing stronger…..six months of Yelling Loudly!

At this point I think we can safely say that Docudharma has established itself as a thriving community blog, and of course that means that all credit goes directly to the community…which means…YOU! Yes YOU! Sure, the admins and Contributing Editors have worked their butts off to bring us all excellent post for the Front Page, but none of that means anything without readers, without commenters, without community. Thank You!

$4 Gas, Revolution, and Our Corporate Masters

Gasoline prices hit new high

U.S. average retail gasoline prices have reached a new high of almost $3.20 per gallon and will likely jump another 20 to 30 cents in the next month, worsening the pain of consumers struggling to make ends meet in an economic downturn.

Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and ConocoPhillips reported earnings of almost $10 million {a fucking} hour in the fourth quarter. The economy appears headed toward the first contraction in a presidential election year since 1980. Democrats will probably raise taxes on the oil companies by at least $1.8 billion a year by 2009, senators in both parties say.

“I don’t think you want to be politically or any other way aligned with oil companies that are racking up these kinds of profits at a time when consumers in your state are paying $3 or $3.50 a gallon for gasoline,” says Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican who doesn’t face re-election.

emphasis {ahem} mine.

When oh when, Sweet Goddess, will…


The Government vs The People

Government is an umbrella word, of course. The government is made up of branches, departments and agencies etc. Each little part adding up to the edifice we know as  The Government. And each of these separate entities is made up of its own departments etc. And each of those are made up of …human beings. One of the great myths of American politics is that the government is some sort of impartial monolith. It’s not, it is in essence a bunch of yahoos just like me and you who go to work every day and play office politics and career politics and plot and scheme and make alliances and enemies for one real purpose behind it all….keeping that paycheck coming in every two weeks. Keeping the lights on, so to speak.


Scared New World

We have nothing to fear but fear itself….and those who would impose it on us as a way of life. There is no Global War On Terror. It’s a convenient money making scheme, power grab and excuse for the tyranny that small men with to impose over free people.

As they will continue to do until they are stopped. Behind all we do here, that is one of the central goals, finding a way to stop the tyranny of the small men in power. Today they are having a field day!

National Dragnet Is a Click Away

As federal authorities struggled to meet information-sharing mandates after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, police agencies from Alaska and California to the Washington region poured millions of criminal and investigative records into shared digital repositories called data warehouses, giving investigators and analysts new power to discern links among people, patterns of behavior and other hidden clues.

Those network efforts will begin expanding further this month
, as some local and state agencies connect to a fledgling Justice Department system called the National Data Exchange, or N-DEx. Federal authorities hope N-DEx will become what one called a “one-stop shop” enabling federal law enforcement, counterterrorism and intelligence analysts to automatically examine the enormous caches of local and state records for the first time.


These new systems are transforming that process. “It’s going from the horse-and-buggy days to the space age, that’s what it’s like,” said Sgt. Chuck Violette of the Tucson police department, one of almost 1,600 law enforcement agencies that uses a commercial data-mining system called Coplink.

What Will It Take?


Inertia is a bitch. Ignorance, both willful and enforced, is pervasive. Repetition is boring.

But George Bush DID authorize torture. He has admitted to illegally spying on American citizens. He did invade a sovereign nation with no provocation. People will continue to suffer and die there, for no good reason He is still denying the powers of Congress to subpoena, and thus prosecute, anyone in his administration.

And Congress is still scared shitless to do anything about it.

Inertia is a bitch.

From Strom to Barack

Strom Thurmond ran for President in 1948 as the segregationist States Rights Democratic Party candidate. The Dixiecrat Party…

a segregationist, populist, socially conservative splinter party of the Democratic Party in the mid-20th century determined to protect what they saw as the Southern way of life against an oppressive federal government.

In other words, blatant racists and righteous believers in the myth of White Superiority to, well….everybody. He did have the decency to become a Republican in 1964. In response, of course to the Civil Rights Act, which he opposed with the longest filibuster in the history of the Senate. He died (finally) in 2003, the year before Senator Obama was elected to the same body.

Senator Robert Byrd, a product of the same southern culture and society still serves, as the longest tenured and oldest Senator we have today. Senator Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan Unlike Thurmond, though…

“I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

I’d Like to Report A War Crime, Please ………….Updated.

No, not a new one. Nothing breaking.

I would just like to please talk to whoever is in charge of these things. Can you please direct me to the correct window? Tell me what forms to fill out?


As I understand it….which is vaguely, even though I have read a bit, Waging aggressive war is a war crime, systematic torture is a war crime, and mass murder is a war crime. or perhaps a crime against peace,  or a crime against humanity which seems to be a legal distinction. Legal distinctions are of course important. Which is why, of course, Bushco has done its best to cover its patently criminal ass with them.

Update: Maybe the Brits will be the key. Transcripts of Blair’s Cabinet Meetings Ordered Released, by markthshark

It’s the Stupid, Stupid

US President George W. Bush denied Tuesday that the US economy was in recession or would go into one despite a spate of downcast reports and gloomy indicators.

“We’re not in a recession, I don’t think we will go in a recession. We’re in a slowdown, and there’s a difference,” Bush said in an interview with American Urban Radio Networks. “No question there is softening now.”


“I am confident in our economy,” he said.

Shaky loan portfolios continue to darken the landscape for the nation’s banks, as federal regulators prepare for the possibility of an uptick in failures of financial institutions, according to recent government reports.


All of this is happening as the FDIC, established during the Great Depression to provide a backstop to depositors during a rash of bank failures, solicits banks’ input on ways to accomplish as orderly a wind-down as possible in the event of a major bank’s demise. The FDIC sent a notice out to banks requesting their ideas last month.

“The notion that a bank is too big to fail shouldn’t be out there,” says Jim Marino, of the FDIC’s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships.


You Maniacs!!!

You Dharmaniacs, crazy mutant rebellious renegade bloggers that you are, have put us over the top in raising funds by chipping in and ponying up to keep this small, humble and almost possibly vital outpost of the resistance movement “on the air” and broadcasting at 50,000 pixels of power, sending our subversive message of peace, love, humanity, justice, fun and a new way of life for the planet across all borders, around the world and via satellite to the farthest and barest nether regions of outer space so that all sentient beings can (eventually?)hear our voices, YOUR voices and rally round and join in as we attempt to change the world one brilliant essay at a time, so…I thought I would write one really, really long sentence to both celebrate and thank you all at the same time…..so I did….and this is it….and….great big thanks to all who donated, and to all who participate in making this, if nothing else, one of the most unique (sure you could substitute any number of words there: anomalous, best, exceptional, extraordinary, far out, incomparable, inimitable, matchless, most, nonpareil, novel, only, peerless, primo, rare, singular, something else, special, standout, strange, uncommon, unequalled, unexampled, unimaginable, unmatched, unparagoned, unparalleled, unprecedented, unreal, unrivaled, utmost, weird, if you went to an online thesaurus and typed in unique, just to make the single sentence even ridiculously longer….but that would be cheating) blogs in the known Blogosphere, thanks again!

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