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Rusty Diamond

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Nibble, Nibble

Baby wild bunny eats a flower then washes its face. The baby ate a few flowers and the stems. It’s also eating hay, cilantro, spinach, parsley, grass and hay. It will be released back to the wild when it’s able. Sorry about the sound. I’m on macro video mode inside a tupperware container. I think it’s feedback.

If you think this wild baby bunny is cute, you should check out pet bunnies. They are even cuter, come in pretty colors and are super tame. This wild bunny is now so wild that I can’t touch it any more.

Baby bunny was released back to the wild by MaryEllen. Thank you!


Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, wildlife rehabilitation,

Animal Advocates

A little girl without a home.

I would like to pull your attention away from the volcanic candidate fiasco, global warming and Brittney, if just for a moment, and bring to you the plight of a little girl who needs a home. She didn’t have much luck at her first home and is now looking for some new parents that will give her the love and care that she needs.

Her name is Ellie, and I hope that by meeting her one of you kind folks would find it in your heart to make her dream a reality.