A little girl without a home.

I would like to pull your attention away from the volcanic candidate fiasco, global warming and Brittney, if just for a moment, and bring to you the plight of a little girl who needs a home. She didn’t have much luck at her first home and is now looking for some new parents that will give her the love and care that she needs.

Her name is Ellie, and I hope that by meeting her one of you kind folks would find it in your heart to make her dream a reality.

Ellies rescue page

So she’s not so “little”…. she’s a Great Dane.

Hello, My name is Ellie and I want to thank you for looking at my page. I am a Great Dane. The fancy people say that I am a “Mantle”. I have cropped ears that have fallen but that just makes me cuter don’t you think? I was rescued by Great Dane Rescue after a brief stay at a Humane Society. I didn’t like it there and wouldn’t eat for them. I like to live in a home.

My last owners had to leave me outside. I dont want to live outside and I wouldn’t eat there either. Once I got indoors I began to eat like crazy. I weighed just 80lbs when I came here. Last time that I went to the doctors I had gained 18lbs. They tell me that I could gain another 25lbs to look propper.

I am very happy to be with my people. I am a lover. I will visit people and give kisses too. I am housebroken now that I have a routine. I have to be the first one out in the morning. After all I have held it all night. I am not a picky eater as long as I am with my family. I walk well on a leash but will do great after I go to school.

They tell me that I am 5 1/2 years old. That should give me a long time to love you. I do fine with kitties. I think that the black and white one that lives here thinks that we are related. Silly cat! I also do well with smaller dogs as well as large ones. I will be ready to go as soon as I get my shots up to date. I hope you will consider me to be a member of your family.

When I saw how skinny she had gotten it nearly broke my heart. I have a very soft spot in my heart for animals. They trust us completely and rely on us for their care. When I see that trust broken I want to do something to repair it.

Now, before you hop into your car to go get Ellie there are a few things you need to know about Great Danes.

First and foremost is that they are people dogs. They love, love, love their family. They need to be with them.

They are very gentle and want very much to please their masters. Leaving them home alone all day is not good for them. Get a plant instead.

The second thing is, they are BIG. Our Great Dane Charlie weighs in at 190 lbs. He has his own couch to sleep on and takes up all 7 feet of it when he stretches out. Here is a picture of Charlie. Two things to notice, first he has that wacky stripe down his face just like Ellie. Second, take a look at how tall he is in relationship to the door knob he’s standing by.

Now go look at the nearest doorknob in your house, yes he is that tall while standing on all fours.

But I’m a pootie person you say. Not to worry, most Great Danes I know are very happy to have a diverse group of friends, Ellie does too. Some of the most endearing over-the-top cuteness we have in our house is seeing Charlie and his little girlfriend, Fast Kitty, snugging up making kissy face.

These two absolutely love each other. My wife Deannahawk gave me Fast Kitty for our anniversary two years ago. A kitty of my very own!

It didn’t last though as she took to Charlie immediately and is now officially “Charlies Cat”.

Thank you for reading and if one of you kind Dharmaniacs were to adopt Ellie that would be wonderful.

Sadly they have many many other doggys that need a home too. Maybe you could stop by the Great Dane Rescue page and search for needy puppy closer to where you live.

I’m going to hang around for a bit, if you have any questions about these gentle giants I’ll be glad to answer the best I can.



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    • FireCrow on March 8, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    maybe you?

  1. but you can see the concern there… and your creatures are absolutely adorable and love the name fast kitty. my dog sammy had a cat too… her name was murphy. when sammy died, i found bear and it wasn’t long before bear became murphy’s dog. funny how relationships work out…

    i wish too… but can’t. moving.

    but i sure could use being adopted by a dog like Ellie. really. and truly.

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