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“Support The Troops” Two, and This Vets Getting Royally Pissed AGAIN

The Origin of the VA Motto

To care for him

who shall have borne the battle

and for his widow, and his orphan

A couple of days ago I posted this Lets See Now, ‘Supporting The Troops’

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In the post I asked a question “Once again I’ll ask, if we as a Country ‘Support The Troops’, why do We Make Those Same Troops and Veterans Jump through Hoops of Red Tape and Broken Promises to Seek That Support ?!!!!

I’m not going to go into what many of my ‘Nam Brothers went through, upon returning and loooong after, it’s easy to find the facts for those to young or not around than. For those old enough, well, most just plain weren’t paying attention, and Now We’re Repeating because of that!

DN EXCLUSIVE – The Three Trillion Dollar War:

This should be heard/watched by Many!

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitzand Harvard Economist Linda Bilmes on the True Cost of the US Invasion andOccupation of Iraq

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