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After the Obama Betrayal

By Gregory Kafoury, subheaded as Will Progressives Go Gently Into Another Political Night? via counterpunch.com.

Good Stuff from Counterpunch…

Counterpunch is one of my regular stop off points!

Trade Politics and the Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party w/poll

The original article, subheaded The Broken Promises of Neoliberalism, by Mark Engler via counterpunch.com.

Where are we as far as economic policy and the Democratic party, and where are we likely to end up should the Democrats gain control of the White House (as well as extend their majorities in the Senate and House)? What is the effect upon the rank and file of the Democratic Party?

The Fading American Economy w/poll

Original article, subtitled Government is the Largest Employer, by Paul Craig Roberts via Counterpunch.com.

Wothwhile reading if only for the statistics. But Roberts, as almost always recently, hits the nail on the head as far as where the economy actually stands.

Irish Peace Activist Acquitted; Deported w/poll

Original article, subtitled “Deportation is the Least of Your Worries!”, by Harry Browne via Counterpunch.com.

Surprise, surprise.  A peace activist comes to the US and is turned away immediately.  What are we really scared of?

Saving the American Left w/poll

Original article subtitled The Case for a New Progressive Creed by Bernard Chazelle via Counterpunch.com.

We know that progressives are thought to be locked to the Democratic Party. We also know that progressives are pretty much ignored by said Party. Perhaps it’s time for those of us on the left to find a way to be seen as more than just another special interest group.

Nader’s Latest Run

Subtitled: Monkey Wrench or Cattle Prod? By Stephen Fleischman via Counterpunch.com.

“Here we go again,” murmured the old guard Democrats when Ralph Nader officially announced his candidacy for president in 2008, on Tim Russert’s “Meet the Press” show, Sunday, Feb.24th.

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