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Matt Gonzalez Discusses the Nader/Gonzalez Platform

Ralph Nader’s VP choice, Matt Gonzalez, talks about being chosen to run for VP and the issues!

The Politics of Distraction in an Age of Gotcha Capitalism w/poll

The original article, subheaded Disintegration is Everywhere, by Ralph Nader via counterpunch.com.

This is quite worth the read. If you are working for more and better Democrats, it’s worth a look just to see where someone who’s not part of the organization is seeing things. For those of you ready to rip on it being from Ralph, he’s not calling on you to change your vote in this article, he’s asking you to pay attention to what the campaign’s being run on and how it relates to what’s actually going on in the country. I don’t see a call for a serious discussion of the issues of the day as being a bad thing at all, whoever it comes from.  

The Shunning of Ralph Nader

Original article by John V. Walsh via Counterpunch.com:

If you’re anti-war, are you considering Ralph for President?  McCain’s not anti-war, and HRC and BO have both voted to fund the Iraq Occupation.  Is Ralph the choice?

How About That Nader?

I was just wondering what everyone thinks about Nader in the presidential mix?  I am not oo thrilled with him, but not for the reasons that some democrats have.  He is blamed for Gore’s loss, I hold no grudge on that matter.  I, however, have a problem with him because of his constant running for office.  While I hold must of his issues close to my heart, I do not like the fact that he seems to be a perpetual candidate.  But in the years between the elections he has little to say.  But then he revs up and all hell breaks lose.

I would like my candidate to be there even in the “off season’ fighting for the progressive agenda, not just show up every 4 years and spout some left leaning agenda and expect people like me to support him.  Nader does have a wide range of progressive stands and some are very appealing, but I just have a hard time throwing my support in his direction.

I would like to hear others thoughts about his candidacy.

The most important thing about being a Democrat: vetting our candidate.

Matt Gonzalez over at BeyondChron.org wrote a brilliant exposé on Barack Obama that must be shared.  The hardest part of trying to get Democrats elected to power is vetting them, especially during election years in which people are so desperate for someone who can deliver on a promise of change that they fail to look past the campaign rhetoric to see the truth.  I’ve explained on other blog sites that Barack Obama is a DLCer in progressive’s clothing.  Mr. Gonzalez hammers the point home.

Dennis Kucinich on the Ohio Primary!

Via NPR.  The audio link’s on the page.

Nader’s Latest Run

Subtitled: Monkey Wrench or Cattle Prod? By Stephen Fleischman via Counterpunch.com.

“Here we go again,” murmured the old guard Democrats when Ralph Nader officially announced his candidacy for president in 2008, on Tim Russert’s “Meet the Press” show, Sunday, Feb.24th.

On Nader and Kosovo….

There are two spectacular articles (well, perhaps more) over at Counterpunch right now. The first I’ll look at is Ralph Nader vs. the Fundamentalist Liberals by Michael Colby:

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