Dennis Kucinich on the Ohio Primary!

Via NPR.  The audio link’s on the page.

Dennis talks about the Ohio presidential primary.  He points out that neither of the remaining candidates support a Single Payer Not-for-Profit Universal Health Care system.  He mentions that there are roughly 1/3 of his constituents are not covered or undercovered.  He also talks about how neither candidate is calling for the repeal of NAFTA, which is a major issue in the Cleveland area.

Dennis speaks of his primary for the OH-10 congressional race.  It’s a good overview of what’s going on.  He’s hopeful that he will be re-nominated, and he would like your support.  

Then he speaks on the run by Ralph Nader.  He makes the point that much of what Ralph supports should be supported by the Democrats, and that either of the remaining Dem candidates could quite easily pick up what Ralph is running on and make it their own.  He also points out that the Democratic nominee should be able to win the election even if Ralph is running, and that a loss would be up to the Dems.

All-in-all, it’s a good interview.

If you support Dennis, you can go to his campaign site: There you can support Dennis by making a donation and/or you can become a volunteer!  If you prefer, you can make a donation to Dennis’ campaign via my ActBlue page for Dennis’ campaign.

As always,

Go Dennis!

For those of us on the Left, Dennis is OUR Congressman!

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  1. Go Dennis!

  2. I’ve sent all the money I can afford to send him now.  But in a few days, it will be too late to help, so I hope everyone will jump in and help to the best of his/her ability.

    Here’s an article I found worth reading.

    Why Dennis Kucinich Still Matters

    February 29, 2008.

    Dennis Kucinich does not treat politics like a popularity contest. He is a voice for the people and ideas that we need to repair this country. . . .


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