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Looking at Matt Gonzalez (Ralph Nader’s VP Candidate)

I’m beginning to like Matt more and more!

Matt Gonzalez Discusses the Nader/Gonzalez Platform

Ralph Nader’s VP choice, Matt Gonzalez, talks about being chosen to run for VP and the issues!

The most important thing about being a Democrat: vetting our candidate.

Matt Gonzalez over at BeyondChron.org wrote a brilliant exposé on Barack Obama that must be shared.  The hardest part of trying to get Democrats elected to power is vetting them, especially during election years in which people are so desperate for someone who can deliver on a promise of change that they fail to look past the campaign rhetoric to see the truth.  I’ve explained on other blog sites that Barack Obama is a DLCer in progressive’s clothing.  Mr. Gonzalez hammers the point home.