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Tag Project I: Cleanup & Rules

When I began this project we had 3,622 tags, of which more than two-thirds are singletons (2,666).  In sorting through our existing list to see what’s what, I have already pared it down to about 3,560.  

I make a living working with databases and am somewhat fanatic about having a clean dataset.  The banes of my existence are duplicates and ambiguous or incomplete information. Keeping database size down is also a concern. Size can affect speed and performance.     The first phase of the Tag project will be to clean up duplicates and ambiguous info.  The second phase we’ll look at the singletons and see where we can consolidate tags to keep the numbers and size down.    

Before we go any further, meet our Official Tag Team mascots:  

Action Action Action!!! …and Tags …and Banners ..iow…META!

We are in the process of figuring out how to get Docudharma more….actiony.


The thrice beloved On The Bus, whose official title is Chief Technical Wizard, has recently added a box on the far right hand side of the page for hot tags. Now I am EXACTLY the wrong person to try to tell you about anything technical. I only got on the net a couple of years ago, before that, I was a carpenter. If it is made out of wood, I’m your man. Silicone and ones and zeros and code and stuff? Not so much. I like Number Two Ticonderogas. They have good erasers.

But here we are, all digitalled up. Which means that we have a ton of info passing through teh blog everyday, much of it is actually useful and important! And since one of the marvels of digitalness is the ability to store and access info, we should do all we can to take advantage of that…as well as taking advantage of the mediums possibilities and opportunities for action.

These two intersect in the use of action tags, and the opportunity to have access to action items through the Hot Tags box. OR through some other systems. Or both. Since the admins here are smart enough to admit we aren’t that smart we are, as we try to do with just about everything, throwing this out to the community for general input, ideas, and to receive your brilliance.

Consider this an open thread on both tagging, and how to facilitate and make it easier to engage in various Action! items.