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Infragard Warning Signals

On two occasions now and on two computers using totally different IP addresses the web site www.infragard.net not only fails to respond it locks up Internet Explorer also.  Discovered only a short time ago Infragard is a “partnership” of “information sharing” (data mining) of untold amounts of your personal life’s history between the FBI and the private business world.  Think of it as the RIAA on steriods, hauling two years olds off the the gulags for listening to an “illegal” copy of Sesame St.

You may want to refrain linking to the main Infragard site for some time.  Focus instead on the FBI.gov one, don’t think they will take that one down.

As already reported the corporate members of Infragard will have shoot to kill capacity in the event of martial law.  Deputy Dogs, don’t taze me bro was just far too tame for these psychopaths.  It’s been “upgraded”, don’t shoot me, Mr CEO.

What could be done is an accounting of “vanishing” sites located by using Google and other search engines to find places discussing “Infragard”.  Are they today none functioning when you know you saw them yesterday.  Is the internet “malfunction” something you have never encountered before?

Consider doing it on an “expendable” computer.  I have a work laptop so if it frys there is an entire IT department.

Bring this latest piece of Satan inspired totalitarian fascism directly into the light.  Ah, it CAN”T be true you say?  How have your last seven years turned out?