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Pony Mambo Party

The floor is open.  Shall we dance?

All pictures from PBS’ America’s Ballroom challenge

The mambo is a Cuban musical form and dance.  Mambo was the name of a Haitian Voodoo princess.  It means conversation with the gods. The first music called “mambo” was written in the late 1930s by a Cuban composer.  Instruments commonly used for mambo music are conga, cajon, bango, timbales, claves, upright bass, piano, trombone, trumpet and saxophone.  

The mambo craze began in the late 1940s when a musician named Perez Prado came up with a dance to go with it.  

Hit it Perez!

Mambo No. 5

Now for some modern mambo craze.  This is a fun song and the video rocks!

The Mambo Craze by De Phazz