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Fox News is really ________ (in 10 Words or less)

White House political guru David Axelrod, […] told ABC that

Fox News is “really not news”



October 19, 2009

Well that may have been the Understatement of the Decade!

Fight back against health insurance Lies


In Their Boots: Fractured Minds

Four soldiers navigate the difficult path to recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI), the signature injury of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Season 2, Episode 2: In Their Boots: Fractured Minds

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Disabled American Veterans

TIRR Foundation / Project Victory

Wounded Warrior Project

HomePage, In Their Boots: Watch the first and second episodes of this years series, second is the one above. And watch the episodes from last year at the site, as well as all the referring links for veterans, military, military families and civilians.

“I Was Off to Represent For My Fathers…”:

I would like for any reading this to travel over and read

Field Producer Robin On Veterans and the Petition Delivery
, a very moving, and short read, of her travels with the Homeless Veterans to

the FOX media New York city studios.

A sample below: