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Indian Mascots & Death Threats to a 15 yr. old

The FBI told us that American Indians are still the most assaulted in hate crimes, and I had thought there that “some or many will not admit that violence against Native Americans is made more probable because of the institutionalized racism that is American Indian sports teams mascots, even if it is true – and it probably is.”

Well, it is. Death threats against a 15 year old have spawned, because a coward published a 15 year old American Indian’s name in a newspaper.

A local businessman placed a quarter-page ad in the local newspaper explicitly naming and targeting Eli Cordero, the young student who originally brought the issue to the school board.

“Prevent Hate Crimes, Destruction and Desecration On The Schaghticoke Reservation”

Prevent Hate Crimes, Destruction and Desecration On The Schaghticoke Reservation in Kent, CT

We, the undersigned, call upon the Connecticut State Governor Jodi Rell to investigate and order an immediate halt to the hate crimes, destruction, desecration of sacred lands and encroachment that started after Federal Recognition and allowed to occur on the Schaghticoke Reservation in Kent, CT from 2004, to date.

Expose: Lawless Lands (on Indian Reservations)

Expose: Lawless Lands


At the Justice Department, recent scandals have dragged public confidence to an all time low. A special prosecutor is now digging into charges that former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales put political partisanship ahead of the law.

Jodi Rave investigates crimes against Native American women

FBI: Indians Still Most Assaulted in Hate Crimes

Would institutionalized racism against American Indians have aided the approximately 68 Caucasian individuals to commit hate crimes against American Indians?



TULSA, Okla. – Crimes of hate against American Indians totaled 75 incidents in the nation during 2007, said a Federal Bureau of Investigation report. While the overall number of crimes against Indians mirrored 2006’s 75 incidents, the overall number of hate crimes dipped, according to the report. The federal law enforcement agency culled data from over 13,000 agencies across the nation.

Poem Against Land Theft, McCain, & Hate Crimes

Esoteric spiritual madness has accompanied me as I have watched the continuing web of land theft spreading, still, from the Arctic to across the United States.

I know why, but I don’t know why. I have watched Manifest Destiny pair with Climate Change on what is a repetition of land theft from the gun to the gavel. I have watched a leading Republican presidential candidate who is getting away with having enacted legislation that forcefully removed the Navajo. That’s the last straw. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is hate crimes that don’t get noticed by the general public like other hate crimes would.

The Phelps Phund — Turning Back Hate and Fostering Progress

On January 22, 2008, Australian actor Heath Ledger died. On that very same day, the fanatical Westboro Baptist Church posted a news release chock-full of their hate-filled vitriol that announced their intention to picket the funeral.

The cult-like hate group, which claims that it is their love for all that inspires their actions (to save the souls of homosexuals), appears to have enormous resources.  They often fly on short notice to picket funerals of homosexuals, trangendered people and — most recently — they have even added soldiers to their list of targets. They claim that events like 9/11, Hurrican Katrina and all the major catastrophes and wars impacting the US today are God’s punishment to the nation.1

It’s time to use their own fervor against them.

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