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President Ineligible/ Vice President Trustafarian 2008!

So I went to “The Militant”, seeing what was on tap for me to choose for my candidate. See, I’ve been a card carrying member of the Socialist Workers Party since I was 18. I rarely get to vote in primaries, especially in Texas. Though I did flirt this year with becoming a Republican to vote for Ron Paul, just to pretend I was part of America’s democracy, but I decided to stick to my guns and stay a lifelong leftists socialist scumbag.

I know, socialism only works in homogeneous cultures with a either a strong central nationalistic or cultural streak, and America is a mosaic  of independent self interested individuals, but I like me the social equality an American strand of socialism could bring.

So, back to The Militant, where I read the fantasies of other like minded people.

Shockingly, they are still call for the same thing: to be taken seriously.

SWP candidates offer working-class proposals

Socialists call for a fighting labor party,

independent of capitalist 2-party system



NEW YORK-Candidates and campaigners for the Socialist Workers Party have been on the streets here, engaged in the discussions among working people on the outcome of the recent Democratic and Republican primaries. They are introducing people to the proposals the SWP candidates are putting forward in the interests of workers and farmers.

“As the presidential election campaign unfolds, major questions confronting working people are being discussed,” said Martín Koppel, SWP candidate for U.S. Congress in New York’s District 15, speaking at a campaign forum here January 4.

Rising food and fuel prices, joblessness, stagnant wages, war, and immigration policy-these are issues workers and farmers are concerned about, Koppel said. He and other speakers for the SWP campaign discussed the results of the previous day’s Iowa presidential caucuses and the proposals the socialist candidates are putting forward in the interests of working people.

Similar Militant Labor Forums featuring SWP candidates were held across the country the same day. The socialist campaign has launched as its national ticket Róger Calero for president and Alyson Kennedy for vice president.

Well shit, I don’t even get to vote on the candidate? Róger Calero, fucking for reals? I don’t even get a chance to write in Bernie Sanders on my Texas primary ballot?

Fuckers. Because at the end of the day, mother fucking Calero wasn’t even born in the mother fucking US of fucking A. He was born in Nicaragua for god’s sake, he’s not even eligible to be mother fucking president!

And you thought that the Democratic Party sucked, welcome to my ineffectual world of stupidity.

And don’t even get me started on Alyson Kennedy, the rich girl who plays poor. Cry me tears of diamonds as you work in a garment factory while making rent off a trust fund. And she’s a damn communist, not even a socialist! Who made this god damn ticket?

President Ineligible/ Vice President Trustafarian 2008!

Woooooooooo! Go socialists!

2012, Sanders better run or I might defile myself and become a Democrat.