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19th Amendment Centennial: 100 Years of Women Voting

One hundred years ago today the 19th Amendment was ratified when the Tennessee General Assembly, by a one-vote margin became the thirty-sixth state legislature to ratify the proposed amendment, giving women the right to vote in US federal elections. It took 70 years of struggle by women of the Suffrage Movement headed by Susan B. …

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The Furniture Speaks

For the last two years, younger women listened to men explain how cold, calculating and manipulative Hillary Clinton actually is; older women made dinner for their families, sat with their knitting, or worked the late shift, and sometimes watched and listened, too.

Professional and working moms balancing infants on one knee and a bag of groceries on the other while watching Tweety and other six-figure earners explain to them how Hillary didn’t really deserve an equal place at the table. Men, as well, watched and listened to the spew.

And then, on January 8th, 2007, these women and men voted.

When the dust cleared the first woman in American history with a serious shot at winning the White House had won the nation’s first primary. Pundits reeled and moaned.

‘What about Hillary’s negatives?’, they asked. ‘Everybody hates Hillary’. Few even now have a clue what all this Hillary hate actually means, which is simply:

99% of the people around Hillary would happily take a bullet for her.

All that hate over the years has built up an enormous sense of loyalty, in many. And the reason the talking heads don’t understand that is simple: many of these fighters are women.

In Tweety’s world courage always wears a cod-piece and sounds like John McCain.

Susan B. Anthony would understand.

Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan and the like, dedicated only to their own careers, never will.

When the talking heads figure that out, the news may once again be worth watching.