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Inhofe: Torture never happened at GITMO. Right, and monkey’s might fly out of my butt

And sphincter says what?


Inhofe said: “There has never been a case of torture there. The people there are treated better than in the federal prisons.”

    He continued, “I don’t know why President Obama is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America.”

    As the Center for Constitutional Rights has documented, there have been countless cases of detainees being abused and tortured at the prison camp. Detainees have been beaten, deprived of sleep for weeks, sexually harrassed, and shackled to the floor for days at a time. Inhofe’s statement at the town hall is only the latest in his political broadsides. He has in the past suggested that Obama is “un-American,” that the mentality of Middle Easterners is “worse than Nazism,” and that the conditions at Guantanamo Bay are humane.


     You might remember Senator James Inhofe (Coal Industry-OK) for such classic hits as “Global Warming is a Hoax” and his visits to foreign tyrants on behalf of the C – Street Family, but this whopper takes the cake.

    Despite massive evidence and facts that say “Yes, James Inhofe, there was torture at Gitmo”, the ceaseless attempts to re-write histroy to make it look GOP/Bush-Cheney friendly are not working, and since 9 GOP Senators have tried to persuade AG Eric Holder to play nice with the Bushies the simple fact is that the Bush/Cheney Administration DID torture and DID commit war crimes and crimes against US law, otherwise they would have nothing to fear.

    I guess we can just file this one away as another moment in a long line of moments where Republican politicians try to rewrite history while the rest of the world just shrugs it’s shoulders and says, “Yeah, right, and monkey’s might fly out of our butts!”

    If FDR was a Republican he undoubtably would have said “We have nothing to fear but OMG WTF IS THAT RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!”

    Of course, anything a Senate Republican says should be taken with a brick of salt. The stimulus is having no effect, Health Care reform will kill your grandma, Obama is pro terrorist, etc, etc . . .

    So, it should be no surprise when America demands accountability for war crimes and the GOP gives us a gun rack instead.

Yes, they are mental.

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Pony Party; Eeny, meeny, miny……mear???

Let me start off this fine, fine morning by saying that I am not monkey-obsessed, nor do I intend to invite monkeys exclusively to the Pony Party.  That’s not how I do.

However, I’m giving myself a pass, as yesterday’s ‘Monkey House’ title was really a reference to Kurt Vonnegut, and not any actual monkeys.  And who doesn’t love monkeys?

Answer: these 2 tigers: