Pony Party; Eeny, meeny, miny……mear???

Let me start off this fine, fine morning by saying that I am not monkey-obsessed, nor do I intend to invite monkeys exclusively to the Pony Party.  That’s not how I do.

However, I’m giving myself a pass, as yesterday’s ‘Monkey House’ title was really a reference to Kurt Vonnegut, and not any actual monkeys.  And who doesn’t love monkeys?

Answer: these 2 tigers:

If nothing else, once you’ve watched that you can spend your day serenely pondering how blessed you are not to live near that monkey.  Or near those tigers, really, because I doubt many of us would have the foot- or climbing speed to make that kind of getaway.

May your day be monkey-free, and your ears retain their natural shape at all times!!

Without further ado, the floor is yours….

Don’t recommend the Pony Party essay.

-73v, over and out


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  1. Sunday September 16, 2007

    1:00 pm Eastern
    Houston @ Carolina CBS 
    Cincinnati @ Cleveland CBS 
    Atlanta @ Jacksonville FOX 
    Green Bay @ NY Giants FOX 
    Buffalo @ Pittsburgh CBS 
    San Francisco @ St. Louis FOX 
    New Orleans @ Tampa Bay FOX 
    Indianapolis @ Tennessee CBS


    4:05 pm Eastern
    Seattle @ Arizona FOX
    Minnesota @ Detroit FOX 
    Dallas @ Miami FOX
    4:15 pm
    NY Jets @ Baltimore 0-1 CBS 
    Kansas City @ Chicago  CBS
    Oakland @ Denver CBS


    8:15 pm Eastern
    San Diego @ New England  NBC 


    Monday September 17, 2007, 8:30 pm Eastern
    Washington @ Philadelphia  ESPN 

    And remember: Don’t recommend the Pony Party essay.

  2. In India, when you leave on a trip, sometimes they say, “May you see many monkeys!”. It’s a sign of good luck.

    • melvin on September 14, 2007 at 15:16

    Not to be pedantic or anything

    • Robyn on September 14, 2007 at 15:17

    • pfiore8 on September 14, 2007 at 15:22

    that’s the kind of monkey i hope i evolved from…

    yeah! the democrats could learn a thing or two from that guy… whaddya say… send it to Harry Reid why don’t you

    football schedules in pony parties???? holy moly what IS the world coming to

    hugs, 73rd… love it

  3. Is it possible to reset the 24 hour posting clock at the same time each day instead of rolling time stamps?  Since I don’t see a feature which allows drafts to be written and saved for later posting, I am finding it very difficult to compose when I have time and post when allowed.


    ‘Morning, everyone.

    • melvin on September 14, 2007 at 16:03

  4. obsessed with monkeys? Love the video.

    This afternoon I am going to a local Habit For Humanity thingy, I am worried I might drive a nail into myself, but on the other hand me making a fool out of myself is just grist for a diary topic.

  5. PARTY

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