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Baucus/Conrad did NOT win the election. No more $ w/o Public Option

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   Simply put, I voted for Obama/Biden, NOT Baucus/Conrad. If these fools want to try to squander away our electoral victories through Bipartisanship with the party of “No/Birthers”, I will not give one more cent to any organization that might fund Baucucrat Senators.

    Tell your Senator:     If there is no public option in health care reform, there is no public option in our Democracy.

    I am NOT holding my breath and hoping this Senate will hold Baucus/Conrad and others accountable. They didn’t do shit when Liberman sided against Obama and with McCain, they won’t do it now.

    In my opinion, the ONLY way to force these Baucucrats accountable, the only way to force Senate Misleadership to do something is to hit em in the one place they care about, their election funds.

    Therefore, I propose that we withhold ANY and ALL financial support from groups that fund incumbent Senators until a bill with a robust public option is on President Obama’s desk.  

In Defense of Bipartisanship

Way, way back in the heady days of the primary, before we knew who the Democratic nominee would be, while we were still duking it out for our respective favorite candidates, I wrote the following about Obama’s “big tent” style approach to politics:

This isn’t Clintonian triangulation. It’s actually worse than that. It’s unilaterally disarming before the first shot’s been fired.

and I quoted Ian Welsh when he said:

The time for the failed politics of compromise is over.

So, you’d think I’d be the last person sitting here defending Obama’s bipartisanship to the progressive left.

But that’s exactly what I find myself doing.

Unrequited Love, and the Failed Obama Presidency

I’m with Rachel here. Maddow NAILS it, when she uses the unrequited love analogy to describe the mindboggling “bi-partisan” courtship that ultimately betrays President Obama’s base.

The Republican’ts (y,gctt) are alternately amused by, and annoyed by Obama’s apparent infatuation with them, and his utter abject heartbreak at not being able to evoke the same feelings in kind.

“They’re just not that into you…”

The full segment is here but msnbc changed their embed code and I just couldn’t tweak it enough to make it work. This 3 minute YouTube covers most of it, but the full 5 minutes is greatly suggested.

Reaching Across the Aisle

There has been a lot of talk about bipartisanship.  I’m sure the notion has appeal to those tired of the bickering and lack of accomplishment that has characterized our government for lo these many years.  Since republicans exist and are going nowhere, they deserve a seat at the table goes one popular argument.  Some go so far as to suggest that both parties are equally deserving of the opportunity to govern.  Aside from the fact that our party just trounced their party at the polls, there are many reasons to question what might be the just deserts of the Republican Party.  It certainly, in my view, does not encompass any right whatsoever to govern.  Hell, they don’t even believe in governance.  That fact alone should forever disqualify them from any such opportunity.

Bad Pragmatism pt. 3: Common Sense Principles for a Crappier World

I know your attention is probably better devoted to some good, popular diaries which have made the rec list today: One Pissed Off Liberal’s jeremiad against the crooks, for instance, or Nightprowlkitty’s harrowing story of detention.  This is simply a short reflection upon the recent history of bad pragmatism, the political trend which decks itself out in colors of “realism” and “pragmatism” (while attempting to present a moral face to the world) but is in fact just plain wrong.

This diary will only confront three rhetorical principles of bad pragmatism: “bipartisanship,” “teacher accountability/ test them every year” and “fiscal prudence.”  More will be forthcoming.

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You don’t bring “Kumbaya” to a gunfight

Look, I’m not going to write a “candidate diary.” I never read those, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to read them, either.

But BenGoshi’s diary on the Big Orange Satan today got me. I hear what he’s saying.

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