Baucus/Conrad did NOT win the election. No more $ w/o Public Option

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   Simply put, I voted for Obama/Biden, NOT Baucus/Conrad. If these fools want to try to squander away our electoral victories through Bipartisanship with the party of “No/Birthers”, I will not give one more cent to any organization that might fund Baucucrat Senators.

    Tell your Senator:     If there is no public option in health care reform, there is no public option in our Democracy.

    I am NOT holding my breath and hoping this Senate will hold Baucus/Conrad and others accountable. They didn’t do shit when Liberman sided against Obama and with McCain, they won’t do it now.

    In my opinion, the ONLY way to force these Baucucrats accountable, the only way to force Senate Misleadership to do something is to hit em in the one place they care about, their election funds.

    Therefore, I propose that we withhold ANY and ALL financial support from groups that fund incumbent Senators until a bill with a robust public option is on President Obama’s desk.  

     Call your Senators and tell them that this is the end of palling around with Republicans.

    They hope we fail.

    They have NO IDEAS

    And they are not interested in fixing anything, rather, they hope it gets worse so they can blame us.

    So I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

    Call your Senators and tell them that Baucus should LOSE his Chairmanship and Harry Reid should LOSE his Leadership position if they sell us out to the “We Hope You FAIL” GOP.

    Call Harry Reid and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and tell them that you will not send one more cent to help incumbent Democrats until they help us get the Public Option we overwhelmingly want.

    Further, tell Harry Reid that if he can’t use his leadership position effectively, the ONLY money we will give is to primary out Harry Reid and the rest of the Vichy Dems.


    Call Harry Reid and tell him it is either Baucus/Conrad’ ass, or HIS

     Tell Reid that if there is NO Public Option on Obama’s Desk, you will not donate to, phonebank for or vote for any incumbent Senators who helped the GOP kill the Publiic Option.

    If there is NO PUBLIC OPTION in Health Care Reform there is NO PUBLIC OPTION in our Democracy.

    Call Reid’s D.C. Office at 202-224-3542.

    Call Reid Toll Free for NV Residents at  1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)

    E-Mail at

    Contact DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and tell him the same thing.

Mailing Address:

Democratic National Committee

430 S. Capitol St. SE

Washington, DC 20003

Main Phone Number:


(For questions about contributions, please call 877-336-7200)

    E-Mail the DNC and tell them NOT ANOTHER CENT without a Public Option

    E-mail here to let your voice be heard

    Elections have consequences, and so does screwing the electorate.

    No MORE, only BETTER.

    And if these Baucucrats value their special interest money so much, they don’t need ours.

    Let the Special Interests phone bank, fund, and GOTV for them. I am DONE being played for a sap.

    Tell Harry Reid and Tim Kaine you’ve had enough.



  1. NO MORE, only BETTER

    Give em hell

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    • TomP on July 30, 2009 at 19:11

    Damn right.  Conrad and Baucus “represent” so few.  We need to take their power away.

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