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A Horesless Pony

What I want to accomplish here is to hijack the idea of the pony party for one meme.  Namely, all this shit in Georgia is how my generation grew up thinking WE WERE ALL GONNA DIE except for the ones fighting over dusty cans of radioactive tuna fish.  Like, pretty much everything has been wargammed from here out to the end of the world: there's no cause to worry.  So.  Something catharctic, celabratory, something nobody recommends, ok? 

On to it… 

Belated Happy New Year + Orchids

Nothing substantial, just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year since I’ve been out of town and only recently started re-popping up on the blogs.  Long story short, I was in southeast Asia for a friend’s wedding (traditional Sikh ceremony, at that).

In lieu of a longer essay, some pics I took of the orchid garden where the reception too place.  Enjoy!