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Special Report: Agent Orange

In surfing the web early this morning, with in-box help, I was led to the following report, US assistance for Vietnamese AO victims ‘insufficient’, say Americans at the Vietnamese Online News: NhanDan on which you will find this link Justice for Vietnamese AO Victims which gives a page of links to other reports about Agent Orange and the Vietnamese casulties of, through these past decades.

From the first report link we get the following:

The Army’s Other Crisis

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is the title of an important piece in Washington Monthly, subtitled “Why the best and brightest young officers are leaving”.   Written by Andrew Tilghman, it provides the statistics that let us understand that the leadership of the Army is effectively broken, now and for the future.

Consider the following:  of the West Point Class of 2002, 58% left the Army upon completion of their minimum 5 year commitment.  Or on a larger scale, consider this:

In the last four years, the exodus of junior officers from the Army has accelerated. In 2003, around 8 percent of junior officers with between four and nine years of experience left for other careers. Last year, the attrition rate leapt to 13 percent. “A five percent change could potentially be a serious problem,” said James Hosek, an expert in military retention at the RAND Corporation. Over the long term, this rate of attrition would halve the number of officers who reach their tenth year in uniform and intend to take senior leadership roles.