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Rape in the Military:

No commentary need be added, the below speaks for itself, and more can be found if interested.

Congress Charges Cover-Up

Overcoming Bias

Here Dr. Washington was introduced by Judge W. S. Bullock, in an address that for sincerity and the highest praise can have no equal.

“Dr. Washington, you are engaged in a great work.  We sympathise with you in the delicate and arduous undertaking… My countrymen and my friends, I commend to you our distinguished guest on this occasion.  He comes upon a mission that we welcome.  He is the leader of the negro race in America… He is taking the benighted, vicious, ignorant and superstitious negro from their [his] condition and clothing him in the garments of industry, intelligence, and morality.  In short, he is qualifying the negro for citizenship.”

~From The Booker T. Washington Papers, Volume Eleven, page 484.  The above is a press release issued by the office of Dr. Washington

When reading the above, the most striking thing about it is how absolutely insulting it sounds, towards both Booker T. Washington, and to black Americans in general.  It would sound horrible if anyone today said this about the accomplishments of Dr. Washington.  It would be unforgivable if anyone said this about any contemporary person.  But at the time, he himself categorized it as the highest of praise.

What is the point of this example?  Well, for starters, that context is often everything.  We know all of the words, but they mean much different things to us today than they did to people then.  At the time, that was the height of progressivity about race in America, while today, it would be too insulting and antiquated a perspective to even voice public ally.

“…Like She was Raped without Penetration” (Updated)

The woman who was forcibly strip searched and thrown naked into a cell wanted this to be shown in order to prevent it from ever happening to anyone again. I am assuming that part of the justification for wanting it to be shown is to ask difficult questions; so, I’m thinking of the questions she might want asked as I watch this horrific violation of her rights again. I’m not looking forward to watching this again. In fact, I dread it.

The story may be hard to watch, but the victim and her husband want me to show you what happened – in hopes that you and those you love will never experience a night like this.


Pretty Bird Woman House Update: Why Isn’t Anything Easy in Indian Country?

I want to update everyone who has been involved in the Pretty Bird Woman House fundraiser on the situation with the house purchase.

After you read this you might also ask: Why isn’t anything easy in Indian Country?

While we were running this fundraiser, the City Council of McLaughlin, which exists as a separate entity within the boundaries of the Standing Rock Reservation, passed an ordinance requiring that any nonprofit wishing to establish a boardinghouse or shelter in a residential area get the approval of the City Council first.

This means that  even though Pretty Bird Woman House could have closed on the house on January 4th, they had to wait for a Council meeting on January 7th.

Everyone was certain that after hearing about the shelter, the City Council would just say “of course you can.”

Not so.  

Pretty Bird Woman House at over $80K! THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR

This is a diary by AndyT, cross posted from Big Orange and the Pretty Bird Woman House blog.

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