Pretty Bird Woman House at over $80K! THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR

This is a diary by AndyT, cross posted from Big Orange and the Pretty Bird Woman House blog.

In October, Betsy Campisi, a volunteer on the last Pretty Bird Woman House fundraising drive called Georgia Little Shield, the shelter director to check in. After all, after the previous May fundraiser, things looked great – Pretty Bird Woman House had a building, funding from the Netroots until a grant kicked in in… things were going well. But when Betsy spoke to Georgia she heard grim news.

Our shelter was burned down. They stole everything. Then they burnt it down.

Betsy asked; how much to buy a new house, with a security system?? She was recommended to check out companies such as River Islands if she was looking for a house to purchase. This way, she would be on the right path to find what she was looking for. When it comes to buying property, doing your research is vital. As owning a house is a big step in anyone’s life, this all needs to be thought through. For Betsy, the answer: $70,000. Worse, all the grants Pretty Bird Woman House depended on required a physical building to use as a shelter. They needed the money FAST. It seemed so unlikely back in October that it could even be done…

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just hope that the net is there to catch you. This time there was no net. But you wonderful people… you wove that net even as everything was falling off the edge. You wove the net out of blog posts and $5 donations, out of human love and compassion.

If you are not familiar with the story behind Pretty Bird Woman House you can get a pretty complete history right here.

Wow, I don’t cry often but today when I surfed over to the Pretty Bird Woman House Blog and saw this:

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well, I pretty much lost it..

The timing could not have been better – Pretty Bird Woman House had a Board of Directors Meeting today. All of the Board of Directors and the advocates who work for the Pretty Bird Woman House had come into town for the meeting. Shelter Director Georgia Little Shield checked the Chip-In before the meeting started:

Everybody broke down in tears… thank you, thank you, thank you! The Board of Directors was shocked. The girls (the advocates) were crying they were so surprised.

Even more amazing – they have not finished counting the checks that have arrived in the mail yet – we have really raised more than $77,000 for Pretty Bird Woman House… in fact, it might be well over $80,000 by the time the counting is done. You did not just buy a women’s shelter – you bought furniture, paid some of the energy bills, got a top notch security system… Georgia has promised me she will keep us updated on how the money is used. They have a donated digital camera and she will photograph things as they happen so that we can see.

Georgia went on to tell me that her life experiences with domestic violence and abuse as well as the horrors she sees on a day to day basis sometimes catch up to her and darken her world.

But this.. this has totally amazed me and given me hope – that there are so many good people out there. Strangers who actually care.

Now the voices of these women will be heard!

A new energy fills Pretty Bird Woman House; the staff does not spend its time trying to figure out how to make ends meet for tomorrow, unable to see how they can function next week, let alone the next month. Already things are falling into place. They have a bid in on a house across from the police station; if that does not work out for any reason, they have other buildings in mind.

Georgia is expanding the services offered by Pretty Bird Woman House – she has applied for two new grants and wants to hire two advocates who will specialize in working with victims of sexual assault. And Pretty Bird Woman House has a new volunteer advocate. Those of you who followed this story will remember her. Back in October Georgia told us about the situation this remarkable woman was in:

I recently attended a court sentencing of man that pled guilty to a charge of sexual assault against a Native American Woman and the Mayor of his town testified that he was an up standing community member and that the community would except him back with open arms and to just give him probation.

That’s right; the new advocate for victims at Pretty Bird Woman House is the woman who was raped by this man. She is completing this circle and as part of her healing is reaching out to help others.

So who did this? Who is behind this amazing achievement?

A lot of people seem to think that Betsy Campisi and myself, Andy Ternay did it… and that is so wrong. We were just along for the ride, man.

The person who started Pretty Bird Woman House is Jackie Brown Otter. She did it in memory of her sister, Pretty Bird Woman, who was raped and murdered. Georgia Little Shield is the director of Pretty Bird Woman House. About seven Lakota Sioux (some may be Dakota Sioux – my apologies if I have gotten this wrong) women have been the core of this whole project, they nurtured the dream and made it reality.

The progressive netroots would probably never have heard of this if Daily Kos user Norman Bier had not heard a National Public Radio story on an Amnesty International Report detailing how terrible the plight of Native American women was with regard to sexual assault. Norman Bier diaried on Daily Kos about the fact that without funds, Pretty Bird Woman House would close – and over 600 people responded with $27,000 to keep the shelter running until grant money kicked in.

That’s how Betsy got involved. I only got involved after reading a diary by Winter Rabbit called Pretty Bird Woman House: Let’s Unbury some Hearts. Daily Kos frontpager Devilstower gave the fundraising a jolt of lightning when he frontpaged a fundraising diary.

Some Individual Mentions

I know I will leave some people out… and I apologize, there have simply been too many to thank or remember… literally over a thousand people, probably around 1,100 or more have been involved by donating money, time, clothing, blogging about it… but there are some I want to mention and I just hope I don’t hurt any feelings by missing anyone. Please, it is not that your contribution was unimportant; it’s that either space, time or just my human errors made me forget.

  • noweasels diaried and contributed – frequently
  • Rain at Street Prophets kept frontpaging us (loggersbrat, ogre and many other SP’s were hugely helpful!
  • martydd contributed the most number of times; he swore a $50 donation for each diary I wrote and he wound up donating above and beyond that
  • bubbanomics has donated in the nick of time several times so that funding challenges would not be missed
  • SallyCat did a huge clothing drive for the cause
  • one anonymous contributor gave $6,300 our largest single contribution
  • our second largest was $5,000
  • The anonymous person who gave our smallest contribution ($2.00) tugged at my heartstrings because s/he was back several times with small contributions – s/he inspired me because this is a perfect example of giving what you can, when you can. Thank you.
  • Raw Stats

  • 14 people gave over $1,000
  • 14 people donated over $500 but less than $1,000
  • 150 people donated over $100 but under $500
  • 66 people made mutiple donations
  • Very rough estimate is that about 60% of donors were female, 40% male… not all names are clear, several donated as a family, etc. but overall, much more even numbers than I had expected.
  • 934 individuals donated via Chip-In – that number will go up when checks are counted
  • Blogs Honor Roll:

    All Spin Zone

    Angry Black Bitch

    Bitch PhD

    Black and Missing but not Forgotten – this blog exists to publicize missing black women in the hope that they can be found, or at least not forgotten. It’s terrible to know there is a need for a blog like this, but it’s wonderful that Deidra has chosen to to this. I know she is a Christian, but I hope she won’t mind me wishing that the Goddess bless her and hold her.

    Coleen at livejournal

    Nezua Limon Zolagrafik-Jonez on Corrente

    Daily Gotham

    Daily Kos





    Nezua Limon Xolagrafik-Jonez on Jesus’ General

    Left In The West

    Melekakimaka: Christmas in Hawaii

    Mole333 at Culture Kitchen

    My Left Wing

    Nezua Limon Xolagrafik-Jonez at Culture Kitchen

    Obsidian Wings

    Offsprung: Lock the Bedroom Door

    one tenacious baby mama

    Other Guild? Whatever that may be

    Our Bodies, Our Blog


    Radical Doula


    Street Prophets

    The Unapologetic Mexican

    Vox ex Machina


    Women’s Health News

    Zillah’s Gin

    We had our first NSFW blogger pick up the cause when Flux at Suicide Girls blogged about us. Flux, thank you for bringing us to a whole new audience. Men who look at pictures and videos of naked women can also be very generous donors to prevent violence against women! As a male, that was gratifying to know.

    (Editorial note from Betsy: If you’re not mentioned above and you have put this story in your blog, we’d love to know! Just tell us in the comments…thanks)

    The Future For Pretty Bird Woman House

    This time around we won’t lose touch; Georgia is planning on launching a regular newsletter… if you donated, you will get it (I will work with her so that you can opt out; Georgia is an incredible woman but she is not net savvy). We’ll do periodic diaries on Daily Kos and Street Prophets. Betsy and I are hoping to take a trip out and visit the new house when it is set up.

    Hopefully we have put Pretty Bird Woman House in a position to be self-sustaining. It is great that we helped, but they must be able to thrive and grow on their own. We provided extraordinary assistance at a time of extraordinary crisis, which is appropriate. Personally, I think they are on the way. I expect them to keep growing.

    The Future For Native American Women: Obtaining Equal Justice

    Well, truthfully I have been so busy with the fundraiser I have not really thought about this but I am going to make this a part of my life. How can we expect justice in Iraq when our own people are treated this way? We have to put an end to it.

    I am starting my research with Senator Byron Dorgan’s concept paper on improving law enforcement in Indian country. More information and places to submit comments are here. But that’s about as far as I have gotten with this. Maybe in comments people can suggest other places to go.

    So the fight is not over by any means… but for now we celebrate an amazing victory!


    You can still Donate here!.

    Pretty Bird Woman House is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.

    More info here:

    Pretty Bird Woman House Blog – many more resources and links here!!

    Amnesty International Report-Maze of Injustice: The failure to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence in the USA

    Why traditional fundraising avenues are closed to Pretty Bird Woman House

    A Fairly Complete History of Pretty Bird Woman House.

    Pretty Bird Woman HouseYahoo Group.


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