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Cass Sunstein wants to re-educate you

Cass Sunstein, professor of law at Harvard and Obama’s “Information Tsar,” gets his proto-fascist freak on in Conspiracy Theories, wherein he forwards the thesis that, conspiracy theorists are bad, because they endanger government anti-terrorism policy,  whatever that policy may be,  therefore conspiracy theorists need to be thwarted by a strategy of government-sponsored infiltration and re-education.  Government needs to fight back against independent public thinking!  I kid you not.



Sunstein’s full list of publications does not list “conspiracy theories” among them, at least not over the past couple of years.  It is definitely a topic he has written about before.  I wonder if this paper I linked is a forgery attributed to him.  That is first and foremost on my mind.

Update 2My second guessing was a mistake.  We’ve got a live one.  His Harvard web page does indeed list the paper and was published as, Vermeule, Adrian & Cass R. Sunstein. “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” 17 Journal of Political Philosophy 202 (2008).

h/t soilyeti.

It can Pay to be on the Inside

Usually they get away with …

Usually they trade their knowledge, for money or power, and no one notices —

But not always:

Insider-Trading Ring Bust May Fuel Hedge-Fund Concern

By David Scheer – March 2, 2007

March 2, (Bloomberg) — The U.S. government’s accusations that Morgan Stanley, UBS AG and Bear Stearns Cos. employees were central figures in an insider-trading ring illustrate why regulators and lawmakers are suspicious of Wall Street’s relationship with hedge funds.

Prosecutors in New York and Washington yesterday brought criminal charges against 13 people, claiming that an executive at UBS and a former compliance lawyer at Morgan Stanley tipped off hedge-fund traders and brokers to new analyst ratings and secret takeover talks. Bear Stearns was home to at least four professionals who traded on information leaked from inside the two firms, according to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

(emphasis added)


White Collar Crime, is not any less heinous, because they commit it with a Keyboard, instead of a Handgun.  Yet more often than not, in the Wild West of electronic casinos, these criminals can make “a killing”, without having to pull that trigger themselves … without ever having to worry about ever facing their “day in court” …

Tapper: SCOTUS Rejects Case from “Fringe Anti-Obama Activists”

Remember the “OMG! Obama’s Birth Certificate! OMG! He’s Still A Foreignur Regardless!” nontroversy?

The Supreme Court has now delivered the ultimate thumbs down to the Black Helicopter crowd, and as ABC’s Jake Tapper notes:

As is the custom, the court did not make any comments regarding the denial.

linky: http://blogs.abcnews.com/polit…

WAPO admits to Bilderburg


Jordan met Eric Schmidt at Bilderburg, that super secret organization between Davos and Bohemian Grove.

A mention in real mainsteam propaganda press that the Bilderburg Group does in fact exist.  Now to make it an American household word.  Every five year old should know what Bilderburg is and how that organization will adversely affect their entire life.

An Atrios Imitation

Here’s something sort of interesting….

Empire Burlesque must read

H/t to Inky99

My Link Spilleth Over

Checking various boards I saw a familiar link about MIT students documenting the effectiveness of hats made from tin foil.


The link ponders the question, does a hat made of tin foil shield or amplify the radio signals secret government agencies use to track and or control citizens.  Not exactly mainstream popular theory but let’s look at some other technology which has come into public view.  

I think it’s more entertaining in the sci-fi genre than 24 and Faux network.

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