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Quick Bites

Y’amal (flickr Creative Commons)

A roundup of tasty items that caught my eye the past few days.  

  • Global Orgasm Day h/t Unqualified Offerings

    The Second Annual Global Orgasm for Peace was yesterday, December 22, at 06:08 Universal Time (GMT).   Did you feel the earth move?  

    The world is full of men with axes to grind and weapons to fire in displays of their superiority over others. It is time to spare the planet from Alpha Male concepts of ‘progress’, ‘growth’ and Manifest Destiny, which are endangering all of us. True partnership between the Masculine and Feminine that is within all women and men may enable our species to survive in relative harmony. The Global Orgasm for Peace is one attempt to begin that process.

  • from Daily Kos, updated Gilbert & Sullivan – I am the Very Model of a Bush Attorney General by Briseadh na Faire.  Bloody brilliant.  First verse below, go sing the rest.  

    I am the very model of a Bush attorney general

    I prosecute all Democrats with charges quite ephemeral

    I know the things I say are legal metaphorical

    With logic that defies Supreme Court rulings quite historical.

  • Tbogg, now at Firedoglake, has fun with Romney’s idiotic statements in I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…but only in a figurative sense

    Mitt explains the MLK march hallucination. Dude, we told you to stay away from the brown LSD…not LDS.

    “The reference of seeing my father lead in civil rights,” he said, “and seeing my father march with Martin Luther King is in the sense of this figurative awareness of and recognition of his leadership.”

    “I’ve tried to be as accurate as I can be,” he continued, smiling firmly. “If you look at the literature or look at the dictionary, the term ‘saw’ includes being aware of — in the sense I’ve described.”

    The questioning did not relent. “I’m an English literature major,” he insisted at one point. “When we say I saw the Patriots win the World Series, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were there.” (He meant the Super Bowl, of course.)

    (via msnbc)

    btw, Firedoglake got a radical makeover a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been there in a while so I was kind of surprised.   Not sure I like it yet but the banner is nice.   emptywheel is part of the blog too.  

  • via Neatorama, The Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek.  Click the pic for more space chicks.  Some of the comments on flickr are pretty funny.  

    Poletti flickr photo set