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Feel “safe” Now



I like the original German don’t you?

Unlike the Germans though America seems to have heightened the Satanic evil potential by removing any ideology behind a round up.  It’s simply a matter of policy and procedure.  The Stanford Prison experiment on steroids our brand of fascism includes 40 year old wives of teachers, peons if you will.

The term “zogster” comes up with very few hits on Google linking it to a “white supremacy group”.  More like five misguided kids in the basement or perhaps a regional term set up by the CIA itself.  Zogster then has little relevance and may serve to divert attention away from the far more mainstream practice of the militarization of local police.

Tazer deaths, thug type cops with no oversight.  I would sue, big time.

Welcome to George W. Bush’s America

An Icelandic woman’s memorable visit.

(h/t The Reaction, via Sott)

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