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Should Societal Judgment Be Time Limited?

The impetus for this post was a most unlikely subject. I’ve been recently deconstructing my own uneasy feelings towards disgraced NFL Quarterback Michael Vick. My partner, a native of Philadelphia, is a huge fan of the Eagles professional football team and is thrilled at the its recent success with Vick at the helm. When the dog fighting revelations surfaced, I admit that I wanted to see him banned from the league for life. Instead, Vick served nearly two years in jail, filed for bankruptcy, missed two full seasons, and was blackballed from his original team. His stunning return to form was highly unexpected. And as much I try to be a forgiving person, I simply cannot extend it to a player who is nonetheless a strong candidate to be eventually awarded the National Football League’s Most Valuable Player for a most impressive season.

Dog Strangling

If you think that the world works any other way than this, that people do business with their friends or other people they have relationships with, you are doomed to disappointment.

Still, one thing I have a very hard thing tolerating is abuses of power relationships.  Call it bullying or harassment or what ever kind of coercive threat you care to, I find it fundamentally offensive.

I’m going to present 3 cases of what I think are abuses of power and I’d be curious to see how you react to them.