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Six On Sunday (Prime Time)

This piece is really by mishima who is experiencing some connectivity difficulties.  However I want to take this opportunity to thank him for what he’s contributed to this site.

He’s one of the originals, back from when it was buhdy and I and I’ll always be grateful for the fact he took Morning News Digest out of my hands because life on 3 hours of sleep was literally killing me.

In addition to Six in the Morning he also does Random Japan (because that’s where he lives duh) and Late Night Karaoke.

While the problems persist I’ll be taking over Late Night (who needs sleep anyway?) and I’ll be cross posting the other pieces under his name because I’m an Admin and can do stuff like that.

I’ll also be putting up tip jars even though he’s too modest for that kind of thing, but I really appreciate him and I hope he knows it.

You might want to visit his blog- Ignoring Asia.

On Sunday

Pentagon investigates ‘IS online threat’ to US military



The US defence department says it is investigating an online threat allegedly made by Islamic State (IS) to about 100 of its military personnel.

A list of names and addresses was posted on a website linked to the group alongside a call for them to be killed.

The group said it obtained the information by hacking servers and databases but US officials said most of the data was in the public domain.

A US security source told the BBC that those on the list were being contacted.

The group, which called itself the Islamic State Hacking Division, said the personnel named had participated in US missions against IS.

Sunday’s Headlines:

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