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Stinkless, Methane Free Livestock

The bovine metabolism is a natural system of biogas production. During the digestion of forage, which takes place under anaerobic conditions – that is, without oxygen – the animals secrete microorganisms that break down the food. This process generates several gases, including methane.

Cows belch approximately every 40 seconds and can emit up to 230 litres of methane per day.

“With respect to gases that warm the atmosphere, methane is more important than carbon dioxide (CO2),” Wolfgang Buescher, professor of animal sciences at the University of Bonn and director of the Riswick project, told Tierramérica.

Wolfgang ain’t just barking.

Methane is some 23-25% more poisonous to the atmosphere than CO2.

Cows and other livestock also emit plenty of CO2 that could be used for fertilizer instead of heating the whole outdoors.

Pig city

Gottlan Paludan, the lead architect in the construction of the “City of Pigs”, says the purpose is “to analyse the synergies of large-scale livestock raising and the production of tomatoes, in order to take advantage, in a reciprocal way, of the waste that each process produces.”

The site of the pig farm, on the Jutland Peninsula [Denmark], allows the filtration and absorption of CO2, ammonia and other gases. The manure will be reused to generate biogas, which in turn will produce electricity. The manure will also be recycled to remove water and produce natural fertilisers.

The electricity, water and fertilisers will be used to grow tomatoes, which will take place in a two-storey greenhouse.


The experimental farm was built, tomatoes sold on the open market and commercial operations are in progress last I read.

Meanwhile organic farmers increase deforestation, production of greenhouse gases, fouling of land and water and costs of contaminated meat and byproducts for consumers but they keep their virginity.

Virginity is very important to some cults.

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