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ENDA: Doom in the future

 photo Kristin-Beck-615x345_zpsca0d500a.jpgBack in June I wrote about Kristen Beck, who was came out as transgender after a career as a Navy Seal.  She shares the process in her memoir, Warrior Princess: A US Navy SEAL’s Journey Coming Out Transgender.

Kristen is back in the news after having spoken out about ENDA.  She has the current platform to speak about our issues (i.e. reporters are going to listen to her for awhile when she speaks).

In a country where workers can be fired for expressing their gender identity, people are not free.

–Kristin Beck

Transgender Heroes #3: Kristin Beck

 photo warrior2-0604-web_zps46ab12cc.jpgAmidst all the celebration of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the recent past, most people were completely unaware that the prohibition of transpeople serving in the ranks remains inviolate.

Well, it remains sacrosanct except for the fact we have served and do serve and probably shall continue to serve…and try to take care of our transitions in the future.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 transpeople have served, do serve or will serve in the military.  That is twice the rate of cis-gendered people.

Such was the case for Kristin Beck.  Beck served as an enlisted petty officer in the Navy Seals for 20 years, including a tour with the renowned Seal Team Six.  That was not under the name Kristin, of course.

Beck retired as an E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer, having deployed 13 times, during which she earned both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

Beck’s biggest battle came after she retired.  It was the battle to become herself.