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Urologists no longer recommend routine PSA testing for prostate cancer


Urologists, will you now apologize to all those you did terrible harm to and even killed in the interests of making more money?

Will famed basketball coach Jim Boeheim lose his license to malpractice medicine because he is a famous basketball coach?

Will famed investor Warren Buffett, who has made more money investing in stocks than any human ever, now admit he was panicked into extreme measures to cure a perhaps imaginary disease that most men his age have?

The answer to all the above is “No.”

The dead and injured cannot be cured.  Maybe some men, like a great senator from Louisiana, find it is very sexy to wear diapers and can now do it openly for life without remonstrance.

Your wretched informant, who ranted here, there and everywhere about the medical malpractice of doctors, hospitals, labs, reporters, advertisers remains a wretch as always. The bank accounts and assets of the others remain secure because the malefactors are too numerous, important, beloved, powerful and connected to sue.

“Time marches on.”

Best,  Terry