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The Nouveau Riche Have Always Despised The Working Class

It has struck me that the old timey folk wisdom easily explains the darkness of Obama.  

No, not Obama’s skin pigmentation, racists, but the contempt for ordinary people. Racism blinds and reveals nothing at all.

There are no black, white, red, yellow, pink, purple, fuchsia races.  That is silly and always has been.

My sister got the palomino and I got the common sorrel.  I think my brother’s horse was black, a small step above the commoners but only a small step.  I would remember if it was a large step like the palomino.  

I wasn’t jealous.  You will have to take my word for that because there is no way I can change your mind if it is made up.  You see I had the bestest horse in all the world whatever it’s color.  The color made no difference whatever.  Dad asked me more than once if I would sell Lizzie when I could no longer ride Lizzie because we were off in another place a long, long way away in those days after the divorce.  Dad knew we needed the money real bad but who would sell the bestest horse in all the world?

Color be damned.  It is nice to have pretty colors but that is not all there is.  

We lived in a gray house once.  Why did people paint their houses gray?  Because the paint was a dollar a bucket like the horrible barn red and dark green.  Gray was probably the pick of the lot but what an awful color.  First chance we got, we painted the house pastel.  Didn’t make it a better house but it did look better.

Somehow black isn’t a good color either for a house but a black roof is so admired that all the hurt from black roofs that suck up heat when it isn’t needed and deteriorate faster is set aside when people choose black roofs, the cost and inconvenience be damned.

OK, OK, so color does matter and sometimes even beyond pleasing and prejudice but there are far more important things in life.

Like money.

And power.

And money gives you power even if you are an idiot like some of the comical dunces that surfaced during the last presidential sweepstakes when they were trying to buy a winner.

So money can give you power to make a spectacle of yourself and destroy yourself as well as do something good for someone if you take a notion to help the no accounts that are beneath you.  

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to Ernest Hemingway that the Second of the Great Fallacies was that the rich considered you their equal.  I will always wonder what the first great truth was.  Must have been a true revelation if that was only the second.

The very rich don’t hate working folk.  They get annoyed with them.  They tolerate them but they mostly just don’t concern themselves.

The nouveau riche on the other hand have reason to actively despise the working class because that is part of the past they wish to bury.

Best,  Terry