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Syracuse Coach Abuse – not what you think

Syracuse is in big trouble.

Maybe not from Michigan.  The game could be a barn burner or one of Jim Boeheim’s patented defensive awfuls.

That is not what this is about.

Syracuse is reportedly being investigated for abuse of children by an assistant coach but at least some of the accusers are dubious and one has confessed to lying already.  Boeheim has escaped from a defamation lawsuit for having offered only a “personal opinion.”

But that is not what this is about either.

This is about the barrage of advertising locally that Boeheim has survived prostate cancer because he got a worthless PSA screening test.  The inventor himself says men chosen for biopsies on their prostates by the PSA test might as well be selected by the color of their eyes.  But it makes lots of money for the doctors and hospitals and medical labs so under they knife they go.  Most survive but they risk death (rarely), incontinence, impotence, heart disease, diabetes and more. So the doctors and hospitals and medical suppliers can make lots of money.

But since Jim Boeheim has been saved from prostate cancer he may, or may not, have had and may, or may not, have killed him if he had it, Coach Boeheim is now onto supporting a new way of saving people from cancer:

Coach Jim Boeheim Putting Up His Best Defense Against Michigan… and Cancer

Research by Cellceutix has shown Kevetrin to re-activate p53, a protein that has earned the nickname, the “Guardian Angel of the Human Genome” because of its ability to command other proteins in the body to destroy cancer cells. In nearly all cancers, p53 is muted from its normal function, but Cellceutix believes that Kevetrin has the potential of correcting the damage, returning the protein to its role as head coach of the cell cycle.

“I put 100 percent into everything that I do, whether it is preparation for a game or working to find a cure for cancer,” said Boeheim.


Well that can’t be bad can it?

It has been very bad news for Harlan Waksal and his efforts to cure [cure, not just treat] multiple myeloma – a rare and horrible blood cancer.  In 18 months, after years of testing and filling out forms to get approval to test his novel genetic drug on multiple myeloma, Harlan and his company managed to get one patient for trials.  The others have gone to Jim Boeheim’s pumped pill mill that has about the same chance of all those that went before and failed to squeeze out a few extra hours of life.

Maybe it will work.  Sure hope it does.  Multiple myeloma is a horrible disease as mentioned.

But I would rather bet on Boeheim’s success against Michigan.

Best,  Terry