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Vigil Witness: Worthington on Democracy NOW!


Andy Worthington guests on on Democracy NOW! Jan 08, 2010: After Years in Guantanamo Prison Without Charge, Future Even More Uncertain for Yemeni Detainees

ANDY WORTHINGTON:  You know, and the Pentagon consistently produces these kind of-this kind of information at useful times. I mean, it really makes me wonder who’s running the show here. Who in the Pentagon is making this kind of material available the day after Barack Obama has backed down on releasing any more Yemenis, which is clearly part of a whole story that makes it more and more difficult to close Guantanamo? Whose side are they on? Whose agenda is being set here?

Here’s the video… thank you edger!

DD Justice Vigil Open Invite

Jan 11 through 22. See my initial essay yesterday. January 22 marks the day that Guantanamo would’ve closed had that been… possible…. according to that 2009 inaugural promise.

Dharma Bums. For the duration of this ten day or so Vigil, I invite you to contribute or participate in whatever way you choose, but I would like to encourage you to attend bloggily in some small or large way.

A very simple thing anyone can do would be to change your sig for the duration.

Another simple thing you could do is to post an Essay on the subject. You can post three per day here y’know. 😉 Surely you’d be willing to devote one to this effort? It doesn’t have to be info heavy or link rich even. Some thoughts, a photo montage or music video or something simple is fine.

Just do it. No Sign Up Sheet or anything. Be excellent.




No justice, no peace.

GITMO: Where Are You?

GITMO: where are you?

You are not in Cuba. You are not in the U.S.

You are not in the law.

You are nothing but the law. Not the law as vehicle of justice, but law as the articulation of brute power.

People turn away from GITMO because it reveals the violence that ultimately grants the law its authority, its power.