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Return of Filibuster Reform????

TPM has an angry article on some new, now routine, hostage taking by Senate Republicans since the failure of filibuster reform:

This Is How Filibuster Reform Comes Back To Life


TPM forgot to specify the how but maybe they saved it for the secret discussion group:

Dig beneath the headlines and daily news stories to talk to some of the most knowledgable people in the country


They could have the most powerful and intelligent people on the planet in their secret society but secret societies just don’t do much for me.

There was a secret society that was a political party in the U.S. whose members were instructed to say, “I know nothing” to all questions.  Naturally they became known as the Know Nothing Party which didn’t enhance their grim prospects for survival.

I have had the highest security classification and know compartmented secrets that I won’t reveal even if I can still remember them in old age.  I think it is safe – hope so anyway – to refer you to a series of Al Capp’s comic strip.  The Feds offered to do anything possible for the residents of Dogpatch because a nuclear-tipped ICBM had targeted Dogpatch in error and would shortly exterminate the entire population.

The Dogpatchers couldn’t be told about impending doom that they might flee because that would reveal the military was composed of a bunch of idiots and that was Top Secret.

Outside of that I know nothing.

From the original article:

Reid could in theory revisit the filibuster reform fight.

Reid could in theory fly to Mars but I know of no theory that he could now cure his stupidity and culpability with medical treatment or other means.


Best,  Terry